How to apply a Japan Tourist Visa for Philippine Passport Holders

Sunday, April 27, 2014

First and foremost if you are residing in the Philippines and you are planning to go to Japan soon, you must secure a Japan Visa. Recently, news has been spreading that by June 2014, Japan will no longer require a visa. Since this has yet to be official, one should still apply for a Japan Visa.

Honestly, I was a bit intimidated in securing a Japan Visa at first but surprisingly it went out very smoothly. Acquiring a Japan Visa shouldn't be difficult as long as you have the complete requirements, just follow these easy & simple steps.

Step 1: Just complete the requirements
a) Philippine Passport 
Leave at least two blank pages. It would also help if you have an old passport with Japan Visa.

b) Accomplished Visa Application Form 
You can download it from HERE

c) Japan Visa Photo
(2) two 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm, you can avail yours at any photo studio, I got mine at a Kodak studio, no need to wear collared top, they digitally paste in on your photo. 

d) NSO Birth Certificate
Must be within (1) one year from the date of filing. Take note that birth certificate is only required for first time applicants.

e) NSO Marriage Certificate
Because I'm not yet married I skipped this one of course.

f) General Itinerary 
Try to research on where you want to go during your trip and make a general outline for your itinerary. Attached HERE is the sample itinerary I passed.

d) Income Tax Return (form 2316)
I asked mine from our HR Department.

e) Bank Certificate
They need this just to make sure that you are financially capable of supporting yourself while you're in their country. However there is no specific monetary basis to get approved (just to make sure I passed a fund worth P250,000 for my 7-day stay)

f) Additional Proof of Vacation 
These additional requirements are proof that you are there to have a vacation and will come back to the Philippines.
    Certificate of Employment- stating your position & monthly income
    Airline ticket with return flight 
    Hotel Voucher/Reservation 

Step 2: Give the requirements to any travel agencies that are accredited by the Japan consulate.
Japanese don't accept direct applications so you have to course your application through an accredited travel agency. Take note that Japan visa is free of charge but all agencies charge a processing fee. In my case, I applied at Friendship Tours and paid a P1,200 processing fee for a single entry. 

Friendship Tours is located at the 3rd floor of Dusit Thani Manila, Ayala Center, Makati City

Click HERE for the complete list of accredited travel agencies.

Step 3: Wait for someone to call you through your mobile phone
When I passed my requirements to the agency, I was told to wait for seven working days but surprisingly they called up after three working days. Make sure that you apply your Visa in advance since there might be a possibility that the Japan consulate may ask for additional requirements.

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