Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tagaytay Weekend with Mike at Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch is the newest theme park in Tagaytay located just along Aguinaldo Highway right after Summit Ridge Hotel & Josephine's Restaurant. It has numerous rides for adults and for kids.  

From Summit Ridge Hotel ChaMike walked for around 5-7 mins going to Sky Ranch because we knew that the parking there during peak season was jam packed. 


Entrance fee costs P100 per head, each ride has a corresponding fee as well.

Sky Eye | P150 per person
Of course we bought tickets for this one. Sky Eye is said to be the country's highest ferris wheel so I was quite anxious to experience it. Though I had a difficult time convincing Mike to try it out (he has fear of heights) he agreed later on.

The ride is just one round but it will run slow so you can take lots of pictures inside.

Super Vikings | P100
Their version of Anchor's Away. I also convinced Mike to try this one and because I bought tickets already he had no choice be to say yes. But a reminder for everyone that this is not for the faint-hearted. Mike almost puked after this ride, eeps!!!

Super Vikings

Scared faces

Up up and away

Our turn

One helluva ride!

Sky Cruiser | P100
Our last ride, this one was calmer than the last. An elevated rail road at around 10 feet from the ground with pedals and steering wheel good for two persons.

Sky Cruiser

Waited for about an hour

Yellow Sky Cruiser

Pedling Sperry's

Mike the driver

Nice view of Taal from where we were
There were other rides to choose from but were for the younger audience. Adult rides were more or less what we tried. They also have restaurants and food kiosks around the area so you can grab something to eat while you're there.

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