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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tagaytay Weekend with Mike at Puzzle Mansion

Puzzle Mansion

Mike & I wanted to experience something new in Tagaytay and since we've visited this city for a couple of times we thought of checking out Puzzle Mansion as we saw a lot of its signs along the road.

The Puzzle Mansion was just easy to locate, you just have to follow the Puzzle Mansion sign. We had a car so we didn't had a difficult time with the inclined slope upon entering.

Inclined slope, shot from the car

Entrance fee is P100 per person even for children. You will be welcomed by a huge blue puzzle piece. 

At the right area there are bed and breakfast rooms with a swimming pool. 

Bed and Breakfast rooms

At the left side you'll see a two storey house, which is the Puzzle Mansion. Mike was a bit 'puzzled' while looking at the house, he was expecting a literal mansion made of puzzle pieces! Oh you should see my face when he said it! Hahaha!!! So for the benefit of everybody, no, it's not a mansion made of puzzle but a house full of her puzzle collection of different kinds.

ChaMike inside the Puzzle Mansion
Puzzle Mansion is known for the Guinness World Record puzzle collection of Ms Georgina Gil Lacuna. The ceremony was held last November 29, 2012 for a record breaking collection of jigsaw puzzle of 1,028 (and still counting) pieces.

Ms Gina at the Guinness World Record Ceremony

She has been featured on so many local TV shows with her wide collection of all sorts of puzzles. Puzzle Mansion has the biggest collection of rare and popular puzzles of a wide range of sizes, genres, sources, subject matter and art forms. And would you believe that she finished every single set all by herself?

Puzzle made of wood
3D Puzzle of famous landmarks

3D Puzzle of Colosseum, Parthenon, Taj Mahal and St Basil's Cathedral

Soda Puzzle

Spherical Puzzle


Spiderman 3D Puzzle

You'll see many puzzles of renowned paintings like this

Monalisa puzzle

Dinosaur 3D Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles

More Jigsaw Puzzles
and even more...

Mike checking out the collection

At the second floor lies the world's biggest puzzle set to date, Keith Haring Double Retrospect is a 32,000 piece puzzle. Ms Gina is also planning of joining another category of Guinness World Record.

Keith Haring Double Retrospect - World's Biggest Puzzle Set

At the same floor you will also see a souvenir shop full of puzzle boxes where you can buy to start your own collection.

Souvenir Shop

I also had an opportunity of taking a picture with Ms Gina herself. She's very accommodating and camera friendly. She encourages her customers to start their own puzzle collection, I heard her say that it's not necessary to finish it in one sitting especially if it's a large set but what's important is finishing it so you'll feel fulfilled and can sleep soundly at night.

me with Ms Gina

Address: Purok 4 Cuadra St. Barangay Asisan, Tagaytay City, Philippines

(from Tagaytay Rotunda signs will lead you Puzzle Mansion, turn right to Maglabe drive, same drive where Antonio's is located then follow the signs, you will never get lost)
Phone Numbers: +632-425-5195, +632 661-0019, +63 905  225-0229

FacebookPuzzle Mansion Bed & Breakfast 
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7 am to 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 7 am to 8 pm

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  1. Oh! The hubby and I are also frequent visitors of Tagaytay since it's a very short drive from Manila. :) I'll suggest we visit Puzzle Mansion next time. Thanks for sharing, sis! :)


    1. No problem, sis! :) checking your blog now, I'm a follower na!


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