Mike's Surprise Birthday Party at HOLIDAY INN MANILA

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Surprise! Surprise!


A group effort just for Mike's 26th Birthday Party.

One of the many things I love about Mike is that he constantly surprises me like what he did on my recent birthday where he traveled all the way to Baguio just to make his presence felt by popping out at a corner of a mall. He loves doing it even on a random date like when he asked me to hold his jacket for him and then I found out that the jacket had two Banana Peel Veronica Lodge slippers hidden underneath. Whether there's an event or not he makes it a point to warp me with his unexpected da moves and so for his 26th birthday I wanted to return the favor. With the help of the Chikadoras (Jov, April, Marcus & Hancel + Alex) I whipped out the biggest surprise yet.

Before anything else, I asked permission to Tita Jackie (Mike's mom) if she has plans on the day of Mike's surprise, luckily there was just a family lunch (the party is at night), Tita was very helpful with the surprise she even gave me a donation (Thanks again, Tita!). So I sent out virtual invites to Mike's friends in HS, College and workmates. 


On his actual birthday, I gave him a Gift Certificate (which I just made) for an overnight stay at the Penthouse of Holiday Inn Manila with breakfast for two. I told him that we haven't had a staycation so this will be the first (or so he thought)

at Fridays
Mock up GC

Holiday Inn Manila
Jov helped in arranging the hotel thru Ms Ruby of Holiday Inn, she was very nice and accommodating and even gave us a big discount. The luxurious Penthouse has two rooms both were spacious and each has its own bathroom. It also has living room and dining area perfect for the party plus it has a jacuzzi at the second floor with bathroom.

Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2

Event Styling
Thinking of a theme was hard, I was torn between Mike Wazowski (from Monsters Inc) or Japanese theme but eventually settled for the Japanese theme since he loves gyoza and tempura. Jov, April, Marcus, Hancel & Alex helped me in buying food, drinks and utilities.

Chikadoras: Marcus, April, Hancel, Jov and me
Buying of party needs

They also helped in decorating, arranging and food styling.  

Marcus fixing the banner, April & me making the pinwheel, Hancel & Alex putting up the banner & Jov fixing the dessert bar

Food styling :)

They even gave their own share of birthday gifts to Mike- Jov for the rainbow cake, April (and hubby) for the maki, Marcus for some alcohol, Alex for the beer and Hancel for being our driver (Oh I was a lucky girl!)

Cake from Jov at Sweet Kiss, Drinks from me, Marcus and Alex, Maki from April and Neal

Gone Japanese
Tadaaaah!!! Our amateur event styling! Very minimalistic and JAPANESE!!!
Japanese buffet area
Keep calm and eat Japanese: Tempura, Gyoza and Maki

It's Miketime dessert buffet setup
It's Showtime? It's Miketime!

Candies, Chocolates and Gavinos Japanese Cake

Sweet cakes from sweet peeps: Rainbow cake from Jov, Banoffee Pie from Marge and Blue Cake from Ia

I asked Mike to pick me up at 8pm at my apartment in QC (Yes, I went back to QC via MRT just so Mike wouldn't be suspicious). While in the car, my heart couldn't stop pounding! I was so scared something would screw up (like sending wrong texts to Mike or saying the wrong words) and just as we entered the parking lot, Jov texted me 'cham di namin macontact dad ni mike. hold your horses... tagalan nyo magpark hahahaha' (kalurkey!) So I had to delay Mike, fortunately we had a difficulty finding the Holiday Inn parking so we were just in time. And so the surprise began...

Waiting game: 1,2,3 pass!

Here comes the guests!!!

Actual Surprise


Mike couldn't believe Tito Jet was here
Mike's brother and cousins

Make a wish, Babe <3
l-r: Kevin, Cam, Vea, Jon, Tito Jet, Mike and me
Poker Group l-r: Kc w/ sister Cam, Marj & Rosc
With IA
With GF April
With  Jov
With #Maroanna Marvin and Joanna
Melchor and Tito Jet
Marvin the bartender :)
Inuman na!
A shot a tequila for the bday boy

Shot! Shot! Shot!
couples <3
lr-: Anthony, Jov, me & April
Ready… get set...
Shot! Uhmm Kevin, what's up with the look?

with the poker friends :)
Thank you everyone for coming!
Happy that it was a successful surprise and that most of his friends were present. Mike is truly blessed. Till next year! :)

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  1. hi, how much per night at the penthouse? thanks :)

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing this post, May I know the rates of the penthouse? Thank you!

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