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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sunday Family Brunch at Impressions French Buffet Restaurant.

Happy Birthday Tita Gigi!

I was invited once again by Mike's family for the birthday celebration of Tita Gigi. This time it was a Sunday Buffet Brunch at Impressions French Restaurant in Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila.


Impressions is a French Fine Dining Restaurant which offers a good selection of Salad, Seafood, Foie Gras and Prime Meat cooked in a live show kitchen which is headed by Celebrity Chef Cyrille Soenen from France. During Sundays they offer Buffet Brunch for foodies to savor on as many French gourmet offerings as they want.

Well lit interior

It was my first time here and Mike told me that Impressions had excellent reviews and so I was eager to find out why. Unlike other five star buffets, Impressions only has three partsHot Buffet AreaCold Buffet Area & Patisserie. 

Hot Buffet Area

Started off with a soup, a choice of Lobster Bisque & French Onion Soup with condiments of Croutons, Pesto, Parmesan Cheese, Bacon Bits, Spring Onions and Chili Flakes.

Lobster Bisque or French Onion Soup?

The live station is known for cooking the food upon order on their wide variety of dishes for as many as you want. So we ordered in advance before checking out other stations.

Tita Jackie checking out the Hot Buffet Area

The hot buffet area features rotisserie and carvers that vary from time to time.

US Black Angus Prime Rib
Baked Salmon

Roasted Chicken

Roasted Lamb Leg

Turkey Roulade

Lechon Kawali

Honey Glazed Ham

my plate

They offer a variety of Grillardin of US Angus Prime Cuts (Tenderloin, T-bone, Ribeye, Striploin), other than beef (Foie Gras, French Duck Breast, Australian Lamb Chops and Veal Chops) and Seafood Selection. From the Grillardin, I ordered Grilled Prawns.

Grilling Prawns

Other seafood selection are Red SnapperSea BassTuna BellySalmonPrawnsScallopsBlue Marlin & Squid.

Also available on the hot station are the Tandoori Oven Selection of Lamb KebabsChicken TandooriNaan & Roti.

Tandoori Oven Skewers

Included in the Hot Buffet Area are the  Sides and Starches Pasta Station which I wasn't able to take a photo. 

Cold Buffet Area

Tita Jacki, Tita Gigi and Tita Siob at the Cold Buffet Area

In the Cold Buffet Area you can make your own salad of different greens, condiments, vinaigrettes & dressings.

Salad Station

 I helped myself on their Tempura, Sushi & Maki Selection.

Sushi & Sashimi

Of course Mike didn't miss this chance of ordering his forever favorite Ebi Tempura.

Ebi Tempura

They are quite famous for their Caviar Station. This I regret not trying.

Caviar Station

Here is their selection of chilled seafood, and because I love seafood I ordered Baked Scallops and Oysters.

Cold Seafoods
Scallops and Oysters

They also have Charcuterie Selection and its many condiments.

Didn't get to taste their Bread & Delicatessen, I was so full and avoiding carbs. 

Breads and Delicatessen
Marmalade, Spreads and Butter

I love desserts, how can you skip these?

Assorted Mini Cakes and Pastries
Coffee Jelly

Salted Chocolate Tart

Red Velvet Mini Cake

French Macarons

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Gelato

While enjoying the food a birthday cake with a giant candle surprised Tita Gigi. 

Quality over quantity is what Impressions French Buffet is all about. It was a  gratifying and filling lunch with the Magsaysays, great way to celebrate special occasions like this.  

l-r: Kevin, Mike, me, Tita Jackie, Tita Siob, Tita Gigi and Tito Jet

OPERATING HOURS: Opens Daily (Monday to Sunday) 
Monday to Saturday- 6:00pm-12:00mn (Dinner) 
Sunday- 11:00am-3:00pm (Sunday Gourmet Brunch) 
Adult Rate-2100 nett; Kids Rate-950 nett (5 years old – 12 years old) 
Sunday- 6:00pm-10:00mn (Dinner) 
DRESS CODE:  Smart Casual 
MODE OF PAYMENT: Accept Cash/Credit Card (Visa/Master, American Express, JCB, Union Pay), Resort World Gaming points (for Members only), We honor Senior Citizen Discounts. 

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