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Long Weekend Ilocos Roadtrip at Vigan's Calle Crisologo

Vigan's Calle Crisologo

Calle Crisologo in Vigan is dubbed as the most beautiful street in the Philippines. And I couldn't agree more.

Vigan Map from wikipedia

This was our first and last stop in our Ilocos weekend tour. During our first visit, evident of the typhoon that passed by, it left remnants of the rain on the cobblestone street.

Calle Crisologo at 7 in the morning

Our last visit in Calle Crisologo was more inviting, the weather favored us, the sun came out which was perfect for our morning touristy stroll and pasalubong shopping.

Sunny Calle Crisologo

Calle Crisologo is Vigan's major tourist attraction. It's a strip filled with Spanish houses and cobble street that is picture perfect in any angle. Because of that, it is considered to be a UNESCO World heritage city.

Mama walking with Me :)

It is said that the street restored its beauty because during the Japanese war, a Japanese general married a Filipina from Vigan and promised to save the town from destruction. Now that's what you call true love <3
My parents' second time in Vigan

insert Mike on the Chair

Walking on the streets of Calle Crisologo, you will be drawn by the Spanish architectural structures of each house and learn to appreciate history during the Philippine Spanish colonial times. 

hello mamang kutsero!

Thank God for sunny weather! I listed here some of the things you can do along Calle Crisologo.

Beautiful Street <3

Ride the Calesa
In Calle Crislogo you can ride an actual Calesa used in the olden times. For P50 per person the Kutsero/Driver will tour you around the famous street. 

Our Kalesa Ride

Papa as the Kutsero

Back Shot 

We were amazed by how knowledgeable our kutsero was, he told us interesting facts about Calle Crisologo and the stories behind some of the beautiful houses. He also said that one of the important laws of this city is that when constructing houses in the area the architecture should look like during the Spanish times.

our Kwentong Kutsero moment

You'll find tons of Ilocos/Vigan items in the strip like food, antique items, blankets, souvenirs and other Vigan trinkets. 

One of the many stores in Vigan

Of course I bought Bagnet, deep fried pork belly which is an Ilocano version of lechon kawali and crispy pata, the only subtle differences are the skin which is thicker & crispier and the sauce, Bagnet is paired with bagoong or fish sauce combined with tomato and onions. They have tons of Bagnet for take out on the street of Crisologo for P190 (half a kilo) and P350 (1 kilo)


I also bought Sukang Ilocos, Bagoong, Basi & Bugnay. Sukang Ilocos is a spiced vinegar which costs P100 for 3 bottles same with the Boneless Bagoong from Pangasinan, yes I know it's not an Ilocos  delicacy but we bought it for the Bagnet. Bugnay Wine is a wild berry fruit wine with only 12% of Alcohol, it's sweeter than the normal red wine which I love. Basi is a fermented alcohol drink made from sugarcane, the sales lady said that the red wine is better than the white.

Sukang Ilocos, Pangasinan Bagoong, Basi & Bugnay

My papa's favorite souvenir are always tee shirts from the places he has been to. Here in Vigan, you can find tons of shirts with different designs and prices. I bought two identical tees for me and Mike which costs P95 per shirt.

Shirts for P95 each

I also bought a blanket for double bed (P250), ref magnet (P45) and summer hat (P100). You can also find tons of antique collections and furniture that you can get in a cheap price.

Antique items, blankets, hats & keychains

You can also find a lot of Vigan trinkets and displays.

one of the many souvenir stores in Vigan

Vigan Souvenir

There are a number of restaurants along Calle Crislogo, one of the most famous is Cafe Leona. We had lunch here and ordered Vigan Longganisa to name a few of our orders

Cafe Leona

Vigan Longganisa P125

It was a good feeling to finally visit this place after so long. A city that Philippines can be really be proud of.

Credits to my Mama for taking this beautiful picture
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