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Long Weekend locos Roadtrip at Crisologo Museum

Crisologo Museum

After our visit at the Baluarte we then went to Crisologo Museum along Delos Reyes Street, Vigan City. 


There are a number of museums in Vigan but this was the only one included in the Ventours itinerary. Still wondering why, perhaps because there was no entrance fee though the caretaker asked for any amount of donation for the maintenance of the place and take note that it was shouldered by the guests not the travel agency.

First Floor

Crisologo Museum is a two-storey ancestral house turned into a museum. Owned by Floro S. Crisologo who was a former congressman of Ilocos Sur, he authored the law behind the creation of the Social Security System

Floro Crisologo

So why is this place worth visiting? His death was said to be very controversial. He was shot in the head by an unidentified gunman and his murder is still unsolved until today. You can even see here the clothes he wore when he was killed.


The moment I entered the museum, it gave me a discomfort feeling, it's eerie and mysterious maybe because of its drastic past. Also the museum has interesting pieces of antique collections like books, hats, cars and furniture pieces which can give you a glimpse of what the past must have looked like.

First Floor
Carmeling, who was the wife of Floro and the governor of Ilocos Sur at the time was ambushed in this car on May 10, 1961 fortunately she survived the ambush and is still alive up until now.

Carmelings Chevy

Located in the first floor is the library, here you can see a wide collection of old books, no doubt that the Crisologo's love reading.


More Books

This antique typewriter caught my attention, I love how rustic it looks

Old Typewriter

Floro Crisologo loves collecting hats in different places.

Collection of Hats

Mama & Papa playing with the cariton

Mama & Papa goofing around with the Cariton

Here is Governor Carmeling's office. Everyone is encouraged to have their pictures taken at this table, and should I say my Mama looked good in this picture, she could be the next  'Governor Vy' (short for Luvy)

Gov Vy? :)

Second Floor
The second floor was more welcoming and well lit. Here you can see the huge living room

Living Room

Antique Window and Chairs

Behind the Photo Wall

Antique Stereo

I love the how regal the bed is in their master's bedroom

Masters Bedroom

This was their son's room, Bingbong Crisologo who is the incumbent congressman in Quezon City

Cong Bingbong's Room

Their dining room has a long dining table where 22 persons can be accommodated.

Dining Area

This was how the kitchen looks like during those times.


My Tita Amy didn't actually like this museum, she said that we should have spent it in some other spots in Ilocos but for me I think otherwise. I like this place, I love vintage and antique pieces more so if it has an interesting history behind it.

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