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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Long Weekend locos Roadtrip at Burnayan Pottery

Pottery Making with Cham (thanks Tita Marlyn for this pic)

I find pottery making romantic & sexy maybe because of Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze's steamy scene on the movie Ghost. I also love the idea of creating something amazing with my own two hands so I was quite excited to go to Burnayan Pottery.

Burnayan Pottery
Burnayan Pottery is located at Vigan, Ilocos Sur where they make and sell jars of different sizes & designs. 

Tita Amy checking out the pots
Mama & Papa

Burnay means earthenware Vigan jar where local bagoong, vinegar and Ilocos wine are fermented. They say that the taste of these products would not be as good as they are if not for the Burnay.

small pots

medium pots
big pots

We had an opportunity to witness how a Burnay was actually made.

Burnay is made of red Ilocos clay that is hand molded on a potter's wheel then it is baked in a huge kiln which makes it strong and durable.

And of course I had to try it too. 

The potter's wheel rotates manually, here is kuya helping me spin the wheel. It is important that your legs are widely open as to avoid injury.

Harder than how it looks, one should be gentle, patient and artistic when making pots.

potter's hand

And so because of kuya's help I actually made my own heart-shaped vase.

I am really really proud of myself :)

Too bad I wasn't able to bring it home because I had to wait a few days after pa for it to dry completely so I just bought a candle oil burner for P200 as a souvenir.

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