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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Long Weekend locos Roadtrip at Baluarte ni Chavit Singson

candid shot with the tiger

Baluarte is an interactive wildlife sanctuary owned by Chavit Singson where you can see different wild animals roaming around the area. Entrance in Baluarte is free by the way. 

Located along the western seaboard of Northen Luzon, Baluarte is just a 10 minute ride from Vigan City. It is an 80 hectare land with structure and amenities built for wild animals on a realistic and natural habitat.

gloomy weather when we visited
80 hectare land



Sad that it rained the time we were there that's why we didn't get to explore the whole of Baluarte.

Rainy Baluarte

What's fascinating here is that you can freely feed, ride and interact with the animals. Here are pictures of us with the pony and calesitas.

Tita Amy & Tita Marlyn
Mama & Papa

Me! :)

I also had my picture taken with a parrot.

waiting for it to say 'ganda! ganda!'

My most favorite was the photo op with the huge tiger! It was scary sa totoo lang but because I badly wanted to have a souvenir in this place I forced myself to face my fear and had my picture taken with it. 

Papa's solo picture

Hiding my fear
Yes, I was that scared!
More decent shot

Baluarte also offers Live Animal Shows and has a Butterfly Garden but we failed to experience because of the weather and time constraint. Also they say in the website that they have camels and orangutans although we didn't see any. Nevertheless it's a free and fun experience so if you're in Vigan, going here is one for the books especially if you love animals. P.S. don't fail to have your pictures taken with the tiger. :)

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