Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Long Weekend Ilocos Road Trip at Kabigan Falls

Kabigan Falls

Pagudpud is our last destination on our Ilocos road trip. It is the northernmost town of Ilocos Norte region. 

Pagudpud Map from wikipedia

Pagudpud has a number of tourist attractions and we tried to visit all of them via Travel Ventours

Pagudpud Welcome Arch

Our first destination in the town of Pagudpud is the Kabigan Falls.

Stunning Falls

It is a few minute ride from our resort in Saud BeachUpon arriving, we paid an environmental fee worth P20. All tourists are assigned to a local guide who helps navigate and assist when there are difficult terrains or streams along the way. 

With our guide

It is a 30 minute trek from the drop off point. The trek was mostly of flat area so it was not that hard unlike the trek we experienced in Bomok-od Falls, Sagada

a cute local girl eating buko

Carabao I saw while trekking

And so after a few streams, terrains and bridges…

One of the trunk bridges

l-r: Tita Marlyn, Tita Amy, me and Mama
Almost there!

Kabigan Falls was a rewarding site. I love the sound of the water falling and the splashes of it hitting my face. 

Lovely Falls

Hoping that someday I will jump off a falls

So we took this opportunity to take a lot of pictures with the falls.

And another solo picture

my Papa is swimming  elsewhere during this picture

And after spending sometime at the falls, it was time to go back. So to make the experience even more exciting and less tiresome we rented a carabao for P50 per person.

Meet Julie, the Carabao :)

Barrio Life

Julie was very strong! Go Julie!
Some of our candid reactions
Yes we're scared!
Getting near the finish line. Konti nalang!

Atlast! Back at the Barrio

Then we ordered buko juice, kariyoka & bananacue after the ride. The whole experience was very fun and if you are planning to go here wear something comfortable, your footwear should be flat and don't forget the carabao ride, you can choose to do it when going to the falls or back or you can do both.

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  1. Was in Ilocos Norte too, more than a week ago. just a short weekend getaway, wasn't able to see all the tourist spots, happy to see some of them, at least. hope to see pagudpud side next time. :)

    1. Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog :) Pagudpud is really nice!!! :)
      What's your username on instagram? Let's be instagram friends hehehe @chamestrera

  2. Kabigan Falls was definitely one of my favorite falls and a great day for my Pagudpud trip. After a short hike through farmlands and forest I had an exhilarating swim in Kabigan Falls' basin. For another great article about Kabigan Falls I'd recommend you'd visit:


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