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Long Weekend Ilocos Road Trip at Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

After visiting Laoag City we then went to Burgos town where one can find a century old lighthouse called Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. It is located approximately 35 kilometers north of Laoag City.

Burgos Map from wikipedia

The moment we arrived, we were greeted by a number of concrete stairs leading to the lighthouse. My Tita Marilyn didn't  attempt to go up but me, Mama, Papa and Tita Amy did.

Me, Mama, Tita Amy and Tita Marlyn.
You can see Papa at the top in red shirt

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse is also known as Burgos Lighthouse. Designed by Magin Pers, the lighthouse was first lit on March 30, 1892. It was declared as National Historical Landmark and National Cultural Treasure by the Philippine Government.

Cape Bojeador was built to served as beacon to the seafarers during the Spanish colonial times. This lighthouse is still functioning as a guide to the international ships that enter our territory.

After climbing the concrete stairs

Aside from the lighthouse, Cape Bojeador has other areas like living pavilion, serviceable apartments and enclosed courtyard.

serviceable apartments

rustic enclosed courtyard

The place is old, rustic and somewhat creepy but charming. I have this certain fascination on lighthouses, I find it very romantic so I was excited to explore this one. 

Red Brick Lighthouse

When I entered one of its rooms, I chanced upon the scale version of the lighthouse during its glory days and this is what it looked like.

Scale Version

I then went up to have a closer look of the lighthouse, I was also hoping that I could climb on top of the tower.
A few more stairs

And this is what I saw. Oh well...

The Tower is not Available

So instead, I took a shot of the beautiful scenery. 

Scenery from the foot of the Lighthouse

Fulfilled to have visited this place and hoping I could visit more lighthouses in my future travels.

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