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Long Weekend Ilocos Roadtrip at Bangui Windmills

Bangui Windmills

Just beside the town of Burgos where Cape Bojeador and Kapurpurawan Rock Formation are located lies another town in Ilocos Norte, Bangui

Bangui Map from wikipedia

Whenever I hear the word Bangui, the first word that comes into my mind is windmill and I'm pretty sure that a lot of you think of that too. It's because the Bangui Windmills are the major tourist attraction in this town.

A cloudy day at Bangui Windmills

Bangui Windmills are wind turbines that use 20 units of 70 meter high Vestas which are arranged on a single row along the shoreline of Bangui Bay, facing the South China Sea. The wind turbine has the ability to transform kinetic energy of the wind into electricity.

How tall are the Windmills? Check the lady in red pants

The project was developed when they discovered the insufficient power supply in the northern part of Luzon and since Bangui is ideal for wind power installation thus the project pushed through in three phases. 

Installation of windmills started 2005

The first phase was installed in the year 2005 by erecting 15 wind turbines then the second phase was installed year 2008 by erecting 5 wind turbines, it was said that the third phase will be completed the year 2014

This giant windmill can actually transform electricity

Visiting the windmills is free of charge because it is open for the public who wishes to take pictures of the giant beauties. It was beginning to get dark the time we went so I was not quite happy with my shots. 

Getting dark

Nevertheless we didn't miss the chance of taking our pictures in the famous windmills.

l-r: Mama, Tita Amy, Tita Marlyn & Papa

windy at the windmill

We also had a panoramic shot to gauge the distance of one windmill from the other.

panoramic shot

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