Sunday, October 20, 2013

I love bags, who doesn't?

from @la_bolsa_cainta Instagram

While browsing through my Instagram timeline, I came across a really nice metallic and sleek bag which I fell for instantly! It was a post from @la_bolsa_cainta and I couldn't help but gush over it. Immediately, I scanned her items and got kilig when I saw a bagfull of designs that is uniquely La Bolsa.

La Bolsa Bag is a Filipino brand owned by a Pinay entrepreneur named Michelle Go and one of its successful resellers is Dianne Gutierrez who owns a shop called Memet ShopDianne resells items she supports & believes like La Bolsa Bags she also sells Vanilla & Co. Goodies & By Nature Handmade Soaps. 

So of course I ordered La Bolsa Bags from her and can I just say that ordering from @la_bolsa_cainta is as easy as 1-2-3, Dianne entertained me and gladly accommodated all my requests. So you can just imagine my reaction when I received the goodies delivered right in front of my doorstep!

Finally here!

Here are my La Bolsa Cainta Bags

Jeri Mini Luggage | P1,300
size: 17 X11.5 
available colors: off white, pomelo, green, blue, gray, brown, red, purple, yellow, pink

This one is GREAT for traveling! It's multipurpose which I love. You can use it in several occasions like a hand carry bag when flying, a weekender bag or even a gym/training bag.

Jeri Mini Luggage in Off White

La Bolsa Bag Tag

Packing for my overnight stay in Holiday Inn

Jeri Mini Luggage in Holiday Inn
 other colors of the Jeri Mini Luggage

Milah Bag | P900
size: 11 x 8.5
available colors: pink, yellow, blue, purple, white, red, blue, black, green, gray brown

Perfect to carry to the mall or on a romantic date. I also carry this one to the office, the church or just about anywhere.

Milah Bag in Pink

La Bolsa zipper handle

other colors of the Milah Bag

Metallic Melissa Bag | P1,000
size: 12" x 8"
available colors: black, beige, red & camel

My favorite office bag! It's sleek and posh which I really love plus you can put tons of items inside.

Melissa in Metallic Brown

La Bolsa Bag Tag
Other colors of the Melissa Bag

Other designs you'll love:

La Bolsa Princess Plain P750
Crystal Big P650
Danica Plain P800
Jas Sling P800

Julia P1000
Luis P1100
Wyn P1200
Zara Backpack P800
La Bolsa Bianca P800
Aimee Bucket P800
Chloe P900
Clara P1300
Elaine P800
Jeff P1300
Lian P1000
Lydia Mini Elite P1000
Queenie P800
Sherri P800
Satchel 15 P1100
Satchel 10 P800
 Little Satchel P700

How to order:
You simply need to send Memet Shop a PM/Text Message/Viber or Whatsapp Message with the following information: 
- Complete Name 
- Cellphone # 
- Shipping Address
- Mode of Payment (GCash, COD, BPI/BDO Bank Deposit, Western Union, Cebuana, Paypal) 
- Date of Payment 
- Order (Bag Type & Color) 

Please wait for an order confirmation before settling the payment. Shipping fee is shouldered by the client should the bag need to be shipped. They will only ship bags once payment is settled. For more details, please visit the following links: 

TERMS & CONDITIONS - http://www.facebook.com/notes/the-memet-shop/terms-conditions/160000554137170 

PAYMENT & DELIVERY OPTIONS -http://www.facebook.com/notes/the-memet-shop/payment-delivery-options/160002024137023 

SMS/Whatsapp: 0922.839.5393 
SMS/Viber: 0917.957.4586 

Facebook Page: Memet Shop
Instagram: @la_bolsa_cainta
Twitter: @mojitayanipot

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