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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mama & Papa's Anniversary at Victorino's Restaurant

Mama & Papa's 33rd Anniversary at Victorino's

I've passed by this restaurant for a number of times since it opened last March of this year and now I got to finally experience it on the celebration of my Mama and Papa's 33rd Anniversary.

Victorino's Restaurant is an old house that was transformed into a restaurant located at the corner of 11th Jamboree and Sct Rallos where they serve authentic Ilocano cuisines which was just in time for our upcoming Ilocos road trip this holiday weekend. 

It is owned by DV Savellano, the vice governor of Ilocos Sur and husband of actress Dina Bonnevie-Savellano partnered with well-known pastry chef, Heny Sison.

The place is a semblance of an old Ilocano house where you can see interiors of old furniture and antique pieces to recreate the ambience of an Ilocos home.

The moment you enter, you will be greeted by Ilocano items & souvenirs that you can actually buy. 

Ilocano products of blankets, hats, mortar & pestle, etc

The place was jam packed when we we arrived, we even saw a number of politicians and celebrities like Loren Legarda, Mother Lily & Angelica Jones. So we were only given a tiny table for the four of us- Me, Mike, Mama & Papa.

The menu was a mix of Filipino cuisines but mostly Ilocano dishes, and since we want to experience what Ilocano dishes taste like we ordered the following...

Pako Salad | P195
Pako fern topped with egg, shrimps, tomatoes and vinaigrette  

A refreshing salad that is light and yummy.

Pako Salad
Dinengdeng | P160
Vegetables boiled in bagoong or fish sauce

If you want a Filipino soup dish other than sinigang or nilaga I suggest you to try this one.

Beef Kaldereta ala Virginia | P380
Beef stew in rich liver sauce

One of their bestsellers and I agree. The meat is soft and the sauce is perfect (p.s you can't resist eating rice when you order this one)

Beef Kaldereta ala Virginia

Adobo nga Baby Pusit | P290
Everybody's favorite

It was your usual adobong pusit but nothing really amazing. 

Adobo nga Baby Pusit

Bagnet | P320
Lechon Kawali Ilocos is famous for with KBL (Kamatis, Bagoong & Lasona)

My Papa insisted on ordering this one even if we just had lechon kawali 2 days ago. Bagnet is a must try when you're here. The skin is oh so crispy and meat is really good, the difference between bagnet and lechon kawali is the sauce. The regular lechon kawali's sauce is the liver sauce but Bagnet's sauce is a lot different, they call it KBL or kamatis/tomatoes, Bagoong/fish sauce and Lasona/onions.


Fried Garlic Chicken Fillet | P220
Fried boneless chicken with garlic gravy

This one was ordered by Mike since he prefers to eat chicken. It was tasty but it was not really boneless- the wing and leg part have bones and when we asked the wait staff, the boneless parts were the thigh and breast only.

Fried Garlic Chicken Fillet

The dishes were satisfying & filling. I'm glad that we celebrated an important occasion here.

Never leave this restaurant without ordering one of their cakes by Chef Heny Sison and because we are all dessert lovers we ordered three slices of different kinds...

Mango Chocolate Tort  | P220
Layers of thick cashew meringue filled & frosted with rich buttercream and roasted cashew nuts

Old Fashion Chocolate Cake | P160
Moist chocolate cake filled with mocha cream filling frosted with slow-cooked chocolate fudge icing

Red Velvet Cake | P180
Red chocolate  butter cake filled and frosted with cream cheese buttercream frosting

We asked the wait staff to put an anniversary greeting which they gladly accommodated :)

three slices of delectable cakes by Chef Heny Sison
The cakes were to die for, it was not my first time to taste the Mango Chocolate Tort so I know it was delish. The Red Velvet and Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake were equally good as well! 

Happy Stripes Day!
You can also buy Ilocos delicacies that you might want to take home.

Chili Powder, Vinegar, Nuts, Noodles

Or buy Chef Heny's products. 

Chef Heny Sison's Mango Jam

A restaurant of simple yet comforting Filipino dishes with extraordinary dessert choices. This place is perfect for family gatherings with your Lolos, Lolas, Titos and Titas. :)

Address: 11th Jamboree St. cor. Sct. Rallos St., Laging Handa, Quezon City
Telephone Number: (+63.917) 953.0661

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