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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chef JP Anglo's Sarsa Kitchen & Bar, a newly opened Negrense restaurant in The Fort.

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar features the best of Filipino & Negrense dishes. 

Sarsa is a Filipino word which means sauce or condiments. 

Chef Jayps gives his customers a new experience of creating a range of signature sarsa to compliment and provide a new take on these dishes. 

Chef Jayps supervising his kitchen

Chef Jayps who has been our resident chef judge in my former show MasterChef Pinoy Edition invited us on Sarsa's grand opening last week. I was so eager to go because based on my experience on his restaurant in Bacolod, ALL his dishes are really good (Check out Things to do in Bacolod | Anniversary at Mu Shu Asian Restaurant & Lounge)

with Chef Jayps

Here are the dishes (with sarsa) Chef Jayps personally prepared for us.

Garlic Rice | P55 for one serving

I have to say that this has got to be one of the best tasting garlic rice ever! Even our officemate, Joanna who doesn't eat garlic rice loved this.

Garlic Rice

Isol | P170

with Sarsa Barbecue Sauce
One of JP-Q grilled sticks (barbecue stick category) is the Isol or chicken tail/ass. I'm a big fan of chicken ass so I enjoyed eating this one. Best paired with Sarsa Barbecue Sauce which is a family recipe sauce. Also try this with Pinakurat Sarsa, a whole new flavor. 

Other JP- Q grilled sticks are Isaw (chicken intestine) P145, Panit (chicken skin) P170 and Liempo Q P195


Pritchon Pancake | P260
with Hoisin Chili Sauce
My boss, Ms Merce requested this one. One of the dishes Chef Jayps brought from MuShu. And I quote my MuShu review 'For something amazingly unique but delicious don't fail to order the Pritchon Pancakes, it's a combination of meat, cucumber & chili rolled in pita bread with hoisin sauce.' Hoisin sauce is a combination of mashed soybeans with homemade chili garlic sauce.

Pritchon Pancake

Kansi Soup | P350
Sarsa's version of Bulalo Soup which is good for two servings but in our case five people shared this tasty & comforting soup. Kansi is a Negrense word for Bulalo.

Other soup dishes you might want to try: Pancit Molo P195, Sarsa Batchoy (Regular) P170 & Sarsa Batchoy (Special- with egg, bone marrow, and bacon-cut liempo) P240

Kansi Soup

Pancit Palabok | P225
with Sarsa XO Sauce
Another delicious dish! If you think that this is just a regular palabok... your wrong, Chef Jayps suggested us to mix the pancit with Sarsa XO Sauce (garlic, chili & dried fish) which gave a different take on eating a pancit palabok. Yum! Yum!

Pancit Palabok

Bugtaw-Bugtaw (Gising Gising) | P145
with Ginamos
My first time to eat Gising Gising with Ginamos (Negrense bagoong) and surprisingly they mix well together! Enjoyed this dish too :)


Lechon Kawali | P250
with Batwan Tsokolate & Pinakurat
There were two sauces when it was presented to us, I was expecting a pork liver sauce or what we usually call Mang Tomas sarsa. But the sauces looked otherwise, one is Pinakurat (coconut vinegar blended with spices) and the other one is less familiar, a Batwan Tsokolate (made from Filipino tablea tsokolate and batwan- a souring agent used by Negrenses and Ilonggos). I never imagined that a lechon kawali can be paired with chocolate! I recommend this when going here, a uniquely good dish.

Lechon Kawali

Sizzling Kansi (Sizzling Bulalo) | P335
with Batwan Gravy
Other term for sizzling bulalo. This was my second time to order a Sizzling Kansi, my first was in MuShu. And can I just say that I am still in love with this dish (my mouth is even watering as I write). The Batwan Gravy was excellently paired. Everyone will like this dish trust me, a MUST try!

Sizzling Kansi

Sarsa also serves Inasal dishes like Paa (Chicken Thigh & Legs) P165, Pecho (Chicken Breast) P165 & Pak Pak (Chicken Wings) P165. So If you are looking for an authentic Bacolod chicken inasal, Sarsa Kitchen and Bar is the place for you.

l-r: Joanna, Hancel, Marcus, Chef Jayps, Ms Merce, Ron, Jov and me
Everyone was so full and happy! Kudos to Chef Jayps who was even accommodating despite the kangaragan in the kitchen. I am so proud that he can finally share his passion in serving the Negrense cuisine to the Manilenos. Namit!!!

Sarsa Kitchen & Bar Menu

By the way it is really important to make a reservation before going here so you can be accommodated.

Opening Days and Hours: Mondays - Saturday |11:00 am - 11:00 pm | Closed on Sundays
Address: Unit 1-7, Forum South Global, 7th Ave corner Federation Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City (Between NBC Tent & Arya Residence)
Phone Number: 09277060773


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