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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Walk with Cham's Colonial Tour in Rio de Janeiro

top left: Paco Imprerial, top right: Praca XV
bottom left: Church of the Conception and Good Death, bottom right: Travessa do Comerico

To understand more of Brazil's culture & history, Mama and I decided to go on a walking colonial tour thru Lisa Rio Tours as recommended by our hotel's concierge.

Lisa Rio Tours specializes in the historical & cultural tours of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. They want to offer visitors a qualified, knowledgeable and secure service. One of their tour offerings is the Colonial Walking Tour. It is a walking tour through the old streets of Rio's downtown.

The tour started at 8am, Lisa picked us up at our hotel and walked to the Metro.

Lisa inside the Metro

While inside the Metro, Lisa explained the history of Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro was discovered by Portuguese conquerors on January 1, 1502. They mistook the Guanabara Bay for the mouth of a river thus the name River of January.

Brazil's Metro

The tour includes visiting important Rio de Janeiro sites like...

Colonized by Portugal, Brazil is the country with the largest number of Roman Catholic Community so when you're in Rio de Janeiro you can see numerous Catholic Churches. 

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top left: Candelaria Church, top right: Old Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro
bottom left: Church of Our Lady Lapa of Merchant, bottom right: Church of our Lady of Rosary and Saint Benedict

Praca XV 
Or November 15 is one of the most important public streets in Rio de Janeiro. It is the ground zero of the city because this is where the port was founded. Here you can see Paco Imperial, Arco dos Talles and the Old Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro.

Praca XV
Paco Imperial  
Or the Imperial Palace is previously known as the Royal Palace of Rio de Janeiro. It is a historical building in the middle of the city which is the first home to the Royal Family.

Paco Imperial Facade

Today it serves as a cultural center with a historical museum.

Inside Paco Imperial- Historia do Paco

Arco dos Telles 
Nestled along the historical Praca XV, it is a small archway opening to the quaint Travessa do Comerico. The street has a feel of Paris alleys, there you can see French-inspired eateries. 

Travessa do Comerico- French inspired eateries 

At least I felt being in Paris while walking along Travessa do Comerico :)

Cham, feeling Parisian
Carmen Miranda's first home
She is a Portuguese-born Brazilian artist- a samba singer, dancer, Broadway actress and film star on the year 1930's-1950's. She was very popular during her time and spent most of her childhood living in Travessa do Comerico neighborhood. 

Carmen Miranda's former house

Casa Franca Brasil
A cultural center in Rio de Janeiro used for modern art exhibitions.

Interior of Casa Franca Brasil
Banco do Brasil Cultural Center
A cultural organization of the Banco do Brasil. It is among the top most visited art museums in the world.

Inside Banco do Brasil's Cultural Center

Inside Banco do Brasil's Cultural Center

We also got to see other museums and well known landmarks

top: Teatro Municipal, bottom left: graffiti on the street, bottom right: Municipal Chamber of Rio de Janeiro

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