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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Walk with Cham's Brazilian Hairventure in Maracana Football Stadium

Maracana Stadium is an open-air football stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is the largest stadium in Brazil and South America.

Football is the most important game in Brazil. Every time Brazil plays in the World Cup the whole country intensely anticipates the match (similar to us Filipinos when watching a Pacquiao fight) 

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Maracana Stadium was built to open the 1950 World Cup which was a very historic event for them where Brazil lost 2-1 by Uruguay. Since then, it was used for matches of local football clubs in Rio de Janeiro. The stadium was partially rebuilt in time for the 2014 Fifa World Cup, which will be the first one held in Brazil since 1950 and also the 2016 Summer Olympics.

My Mama & I didn't miss the chance of watching a football match in this gigantic stadium. Honestly, we haven't really watched any football game but we really couldn't pass this opportunity to witness a football match especially that we were in the biggest football community for football fans on earth.

We got our tickets with the help of our hotel concierge thru a travel agency for R$200 each (P3,860) inclusion of hotel transfers and tickets (We always ask the help of an agency so we are 100% safe.) We were surprised that the game starts at 10 in the evening (super late pala ang match sa Brazil.) 

The stadium was huge! The ticket has a designated seat number but the guide told us that we can transfer to a different seat if we want to so we chose a spot at the center where we can have an equal view of the well manicured field.

At that time, the two competing football clubs were Botafogo and Atletico. We really didn't have any idea who to cheer for so we agreed that our bet would be the team who had the most number of fans (para iwas sa gulo, ayoko mapaaway!)

Botafogo vs Atletico

We cheered for Botofago since most of the Carioca crowd love them... (wait... erase the word love, substitute to...) CRAZY! The crowd were CRAZY for their team! To tell you honestly, the crowd was more exciting to watch. They were immensely raving for their team! They were W-I-L-D!!! So wild that you can see them chanting, shouting, yelling at the opponent & screaming their lungs out whenever the ball reached the goal. 

Top: Atletico fans Bottom: Botofago fans

It was already 12:30am when the game ended but the crowd didn't seem to mind. They were happy Botafogo won! (I kinda felt sorry for Atletico though)

Watching a football match in Maracana Stadium (even if you're not a football fan like us) is an experience you shouldn't want to miss when you're in Brazil.

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