Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Birthday Surprise Part 2: BAGUIO

Yes! There is a part two. This one is surely at the top of my most surprising moments and it was set in Baguio.

After our Tagaytay date (September 1, Sunday) I was set to do an ocular the very next day which was my actual birthday (September 2, Monday). It was for an audition of an upcoming new reality show on ABSCBN (watch out!). Because it was my birthday and Mike was also part of the show I asked him to go with us to Baguio. But the night before, the executive assistant of Mike's boss, Ate Grace texted him about an emergency meeting the next day with the TV head and attendance is a must. I suddenly felt bad because I knew I couldn't compete with a big boss and being with Mike on my birthday was my only consolation for working the whole day but of course as what we always say 'the show must go on.'

The next day, Mike even offered to drive me to the office for our early pullout and he even told me he'll wait for me when I get back from Baguio even if it was very late. As Mike dropped me off, my co-Executive Producer, Alex told me that Jezer, our Production Designer (PD) was going to ride the other van instead since he was late, so our service can go ahead. And so, we left for Baguio.

On the way to Baguio, we had a stop over at a fast-food restaurant along NLEX to have breakfast with the rest of the crew. At this time, the 2nd Van had already caught up on us as well. 

At 10 am, we arrived at Porta Vaga Mall Baguio where our auditions will be held. After checking the place, we had our sit down meeting with the Porta Vaga Mall staff,  when everything was almost done, April and Alex excused themselves to go to the rest room and then suddenly I heard everyone singing Happy Birthday with Alex holding my Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake, it was the sweetest :) 

I never really thought that I will be blowing a candle in an ocular- I even said to myself 'buti nalang kahit wala si Mike at least my cake ako' When I was about to blow the cake came the biggest surprise ever...

I saw Mike standing in the corner holding the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I've ever seen in my life. I really couldn't believe my eyes, it was so surreal and surprising! I was in a complete awe. It was honest to goodness the happiest feeling ever. Ang galing!

Mike had no meeting at all, Jezer was purposely late so that our van can go ahead and Mike can transfer to the second van without me knowing. He was in the second van the whole time! AMAZING!!!!! Hands down to the people behind it: 
To Ate Grace for making the emergency meeting text seem very real
To Jezer, who was purposely late so that Mike can sneak at the 2nd van
To Diane our Baguio coordinator who ordered the super yummy Strawberry Shortcake and the lovely and sweet scented bouquet
To the crew who kept quiet the whole time we were doing the ocular
And most especially to Alex and April who arranged and paid for everything. You really don't know how happy I was and it will always be one of the most memorable moments in my life. 

After the ooooohhhhss and aaaaaaaahhss, we then dined at Cafe by the Ruins for my birthday lunch.

Cafe by the Ruins is a restaurant institution in Baguio where you can experience an authentic Baguio ambiance located in an actual ruins. I already ate here for a couple of times and I always get that satisfying and homey feeling whenever I'm in this place.

Here are the dishes my officemates and I ordered:

Baguio Bagnet (P300) a typical Ilocano meal: double fried pork belly-first it is tenderized in lard, then refried to a crisp. Condiments are Padas bagoong and tomato relish.

Baguio Bagnet
Pinikpikan (P280) Cordillera ritual chicken soup with 'etag' (salted pork) and ginger

Shrimp and Mango Curry (P280) Prawns in coconut milk curry, served with 7 condiments: hard boiled egg, grated coconut, fried onions, chili, chutney, papadums and peanuts. Served with rice 
Shrimp & Mango Curry
Spicy Bangus (P280) Boneless fillet of milkfish, spice-cured and baked in olive oil. Served with rice

Fried Tinapa

Lemon Ricotta with Grilled Chicken Breast (P240) A delicate, lemony flavored cream sauce of carabao ricotta cheese; grilled breast on the side. Served with focaccia bread.

Lemon Ricotta with Grilled Chicken
Meatball Pasta (P240) A children's favorite: tomato sauce and meatballs. Served with focaccia bread.

Meatball Pasta

Happy that I got to spend my birthday in Baguio not just with Mike but with my close friends/officemates. It was a happy working birthday after all! 

clockwise: April, Alex, Jezer, Kuya Albert, Mike, Me and Diane (Baguio Coordinator)

When it was time to leave, Mike transfered to the same van I was in and I couldn't help but take a candid picture of him sleeping...

I said it before and I'm going to say it once more, no matter how cheesy it may sound. 

Babe, thank you for never ever getting tired of surprising me. I know that you're not comfortable with land travels and you were not even feeling well for two days but you still found a way to make ME really happy. I'm so lucky to have you as my boyfriend, indeed you are the BEST boyfriend! I love you to the stars and back! :)

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  1. awww...Happy birthday (teary-eyed), nak !!!

  2. We've been there in cafe by ruins last year that was the first place we look for our first breakfast. I love that homey and fresh air inside tapos ang lamig ng tubig ng cr haha. Ang sarap ng bread and the food also. As I've read this blogged yieee kinilig ako for you Ms. Cham nakaka-kilig at nakaka-inlove. Happy for you and sir mike as always lots of the best to both of you. God Bless!! :)

    1. Thanks Mhabel! God bless you too!!! :) Stay in love

  3. Soulmate!!! I am sooo happy for you. You know that you know this. I miss you and I love you! :x - dyanie

    1. Dyanie!!! :) Thank you Soulmate! Praying for your happiness too!!! Travel soon!!! xoxo


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