I Walk with a SONY NEX-5R Hybrid Camera

Friday, August 16, 2013

The loooong wait is O-V-E-R!

At last a new camera which I've been eyeing for months! 

For the longest time I've been using my 4-year old Canon G9 camera and just last year it was showing signs of aging- constantly hanging and busted zoom lever, though it's still working I had a hard time focusing on my subjects :(. My Canon was one of my most reliable travel buddies, he's been with me on ALL my travels so I really had a hard time letting it go- sepanx much? Until I won the trip to Brazil thus I told myself that IT'S TIME! I should reward myself with a new camera. 

Soooo here it is... Tantananaaaaaaan!!!!

A hybrid camera that has a quality of a DSLR 
Fast autofocus, can shoot full HD movie, 180 tiltable LCD and built in WIFI are some of its features. Pretty neat huh?

Very much excited to be trigger happy in Brazil with my Sony NEX-5R!

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