Monday, June 03, 2013

#YOLO in Puerto Galera!

Parasailing in Boracay was part of my travel wish list but since I had no plans yet to go to Bora, I figured why not try it while I was in Puerto Galera. (Plus the fee is 50% cheaper in Puerto Galera than in Boracay)

I'm lucky Jov wanted to experience it too, so on our second and last day in Puerto Galera we had our #YOLO moment in the sky!

about to ride the boat

Parasailing fee: single P1,500 & double P2,000. Upon riding the boat, we were asked to wear life vests and harness.

wear life vest and harness

Then off we go! Hurraaaaah!!!!

At first it was so scaaarrrrry! We were getting higher and higher, the parachute kept on jerking which doubled the fright! But later on the ride became smooth. We were around 400 feet high, I love the feeling of flying, it was an exhilarating sensation! :) (But take note to have a light meal or no meal at all before doing this activity, we became a bit nauseous after)

It was a major risk for me to bring out my phone up in the sky without any safety handle. Kaloka! I was so nervous kasi kapag nalaglag ko siya good bye cellphone sa gitna ng dagat! But I can't just pass this moment not take pictures of us! :) So forgive our selfie shots. I have to post ALL photos since it's a brave achievement for me. 

Selfies in the sky!

What a breathtaking view! Too bad I didn't take videos while we were sky high. 

400 feet high! Beat that!

happy feet!

JM did a very good job taking photos of us :)

Crazy kuya! 

It was getting a bit boring for a while but Kuya did surely know how to awaken our senses, he made us go down and touch the water in the middle of the sea. Buti nalang walang JAWS! We screamed at the top of our lungs!!!!! We even experienced it twice, the second time was longer and lower (What is BASA?). Then I realized when I asked kuya if it's safe to bring our camera he told us as long as it's waterproof (kaya naman pala)

When we were back on the boat, may isa pang pasabog si Kuya, he willingly insisted to take a photo of us, sabi niya pang Facebook daw. And this is what the crazy shot came out to be...

We begged for a decent photo of us three but we were on the shore na. Loko sila Kuya! 

It was definitely one for the books. Thank you Jov for experiencing it with me & thank you JM for taking photos of us :)

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