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Thursday, June 27, 2013

ChaMike's 2nd Anniversary offering in Bacolod: Visit The Ruins

Adore the most famous tourist spot in Bacolod, Ruins not only has the most dramatic sights it also has the most dramatic history.

Considered to be the Taj Majal of the Philippines, The Ruins in Bacolod is a breathtaking sight of Italian architecture with imported 4-tiered fountain around a well manicured grass. 

the imported 4-tiered fountain was bought from abroad
The majestic mansion was built  in the early 1900's by a wealthy sugar baron, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson as a profession of his undying love for his wife, Maria Braga, a Portugese from Macau. Maria Braga died in an accident while pregnant to their 11th child. The Ruins as a testimony of his love to his wife patterned the layout to the house of Maria's father's mansion in Portugal.

articles and portrait of Don Mariano and Maria

The reason for its current state right now was that during World War II, Filipino guerrillas  burned the structure to prevent the Japanese soldiers to take over the mansion which could have been transformed into their headquarters.

Today the structure continues to amaze local and foreign tourists alike. 

Interior of the Ruins

It is not surprising that it is also a favorite venue for special events especially weddings and prenuptial pictorials. We were lucky, we found a local who was willing to take our pictures around the area.


Also a home to a restaurant, cafe, mini golf track and souvenir shop. 

mini gold track, souvenir shop, cafe 

With a minimum entrance fee of P50 per person, you can appreciate the photogenic scene which is said to be even more beautiful during sunset. The Ruins is a proof of undying love and legendary architecture 

How to get here:
Via Car: 
Proceed to Bata (PEPSI bottling plant) and turn east (don't take the overpass). About 600 meters, you will see a building with a big sign that says "THIS WAY TO THE RUINS."

After a few meters you turn left when you see a guard house which you will be asked to pay a certain fee. Just follow the signage.

You will then again see another guard house on a dirt road, just follow where the road will take you which will lead you all the way to The Ruins

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