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Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hofilena Museum is the only museum in Silay that is still being inhabited and the first house that was opened to the public as a museum in 1962. 

The owner of this place is Ramon Hofilena a direct descendant of Manuel Severino Hofilena. Their family is composed of artists in different genres. This house/museum is rich in ancient stories that speak about the city and Hofilena family plus a wide collection of paintings by famous Filipino Artists. 

Take note that a reservation is needed to be able to schedule the guided tour. I called them the day before our scheduled trip and made a reservation at 2 pm. This is our second ChaMike Heritage Tour for the day. Entrance fee is also P50.We were welcomed by Bert, a witty tour guide who speaks good English. The tour was very informative, it takes one to two hours so better tell the guide if you have an appointment so he can manage the time.

ChaMike with Bert
First Floor
When we first entered the house, the feeling was nostalgic, the ambience of this place kinda reminded me of my Lola and Lolo's old house in Bataan. We were given native fans because like in any heritage houses, they have no air conditioners.

The tour started at the oldest pieces of furniture in the house, the staircase which was made of ironwood that is so hard even termites could not destroy it. Followed by the living room area.

Living Room

photos of the original owners of the house, antique clothes iron, sculpture & antique piano with photos of the family
Bert also showed us an altar full of religious artifacts, toy collections and other prized possessions. 

most of the hands of the religious relics were stolen because it is made of ivory
Some of the write ups of the family, old Negros money,
Original newspaper when martial law was declared and one of the first pocket books from America
2 of the worlds smallest dolls from Japan

The dining room area was the last stop on the 1st floor.
Dining area with full display of chinawares
Chinawares and other ceramics from different parts of the world
and a bar of different wines and alcoholic drinks

He also showed us an antique wood printing, a first of its kind in Negros.

Second Floor
Taking pictures at the second floor was prohibited because it contains paintings, drawings & sketches made by famous Filipino artists such as Jose Rizal, Fernando Amorsolo, Juan Luna, Ben Cab & Lamberto Hechanova. If you are lucky, you can take a peek of some of the nude drawings of Manuel. We also had an opportunity to take a photo of his bedroom.

Manuel's bed
Souvenir Shop
Manuel also has a collection of tektite which he also sells in different prices depending on the shape and size. Tektites are black glassy rocks probably meteoric origin and of rounded but indefinite shape.

Mike bought an P800 worth of Tektite

Museum schedule:
Strictly by appointment

14 Cinco de Noviembre, Silay City.

Contact Details
(034) 495 4651

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