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Monday, June 24, 2013

ChaMike's 2nd Anniversary offering in Bacolod: Eat an authentic Chicken Inasal 

r-l: chicken thigh at Chicken House, Chicken Deli, Country Chicken at Aida's
Chicken Inasal is a tasty grilled chicken dish originated in Bacolod.  The main reason why I want to go to Bacolod is to try out their famous Chicken Inasal. Because I'm eager to know why people say that the Chicken Inasal in Bacolod is different & better than the Inasal we normally eat. So Mike & I tried out three most famous Chicken Inasal restaurants in the city...

1. Chicken House
Mike & I had our first Bacolod meal at Chicken House. It is a restaurant along the national highway called Lacson Street so it is very easy to find. It's a casual dining place which offers straight forward Inasal dishes.

I ordered hita (thigh) while Mike ordered pecho (breast). The Inasal is best paired with chicken oil and garlic rice.

Thigh P72, Breast P75, Garlic Rice P19
I don't know if I was just hungry but that was one of the best Chicken Inasals I've tasted.

24th Lacson Street, Bacolod City
North: (034)4411891, 7091631
East: (034)4323068
South: (034)4348201, 7080543

2. Chicken Deli
For our second day lunch we tried Chicken Deli. Also along Lacson street, it's basically has the same offering as Chicken House. 

And because we wanted to compare the taste we ordered the same dish, chicken thigh and breast plus Isol (chicken ass)

Thigh P 73, Breast P78, Garlic Rice P23
Chicken ass P30

The inasal in Chicken House is waaay better but in Chicken Deli they offer hot and spicy. Also, their fruit shakes are not fresh, I made a mistake ordering a mango shake but I ended up not finishing the drink because the flavoring is artificial.

8th Lacson Street, Bacolod City

3. Aida's Manokan Country
Manokan Country is a strip of different no-fuss-no-aircon eateries

They say that the best Inasal can be found at Aida's, they have reviews to prove it.

Aida's is the largest eatery in Manokan Country with hanging colorful masks.

We ordered just the same: Hita and rice for me and Pecho and rice for Mike plus Isol. The prices were surprisingly higher here at Aidas than the other two. 

Thigh P75, Breast P80, Garlic Rice P25

Chicken ass P65

I love their Chicken Inasal! It's juicy and tasty and for me this is the best tasting Inasal among the 3 restaurants. But if you are looking for a more cozy feel, cheaper dishes and convenient location, Chicken House is the place to be. So when in Bacolod Aida's at Manokan Country and Chicken House should not be missed.


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