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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ChaMike's 2nd Anniversary offering in Bacolod: Eat desserts at Calea, El Ideal and Felicia's

El Ideal, Felicia's & Calea

Not only known for their Chicken Inasal but also for their desserts because Bacolod is called The Sugar City of the Philippines for its sugarcane plantations. 

Here are some of the dessert places ChaMike tried...

1. Calea Pastries and Coffee
A cake shop that is already a household name in the city. They have a great selection of mouth watering cakes. 

We ate here after our Chicken House lunch to satisfy our sweet cravings. And because we were overwhelmed with the array of cakes in front of us, we ordered 3 slices. We tried their bestsellers:  Choco Mud Pie (P95), White Choco Cheesecake (P85) and their most famous Imported Chocolate Cake (P85). For me I love the White Choco Cheesecake with strawberry coulis and Mike loved the Choco Mud Pie and Imported Chocolate Cake.

Choco Mud Pie, White Choco Cheesecake & Imported Chocolate Cake

Mike, being a dessert addict, even insisted to have a second trip the night after and ordered a slice of French Chocolate Cheesecake & Mousse Bomb.

French Chocolate Cheesecake & Mousse Bomb

We even ordered two whole Imported Chocolate Cake for pasalubong to Manila. It was that GOOD!!!

Chocolate Cake for take out

Door 6 Lourdes C Center II 14th Street, Bacolod City

Doors 1-4, Balay Quince Commercial Building.

Corner 15th Lacson Street, Bacolod City

Robinson's Place

Bacolod City

2. El Ideal
A bakery located in Silay City, El Ideal is known for its Ilonggo delicacies & antique architecture which started in the year 1920's by Mr. Cesar Locsin y Lacson.

This is a great stop when you are around Silay to visit the Ancestral Houses in the area.

I ordered Piaya (P50), Angel Cookies (P83), Chocolate Angel Cookies (P95) and their bestseller, Guaple Pie (P300 for one box).

Piaya, Angel Cookies, Choco Angel Cookies & Guaple Pie

Their pastries are easy to appreciate because it's not too sweet so there's no umay factor. I can finish one whole Angel Cookies in one seating. The Guaple Pie is something you don't find anywhere so it's a must to try. I even ordered a box to take home in Manila.

Guaple Pie
118 Rizal St. Silay City

GF North Arcade, Robinsons Place, Bacolod City


3. Felicia's
This place was recommended by a good friend and Bacolod local, Chef Jayps (MasterChef Pinoy Edition judge), he said the desserts in this shop were also to die for.

We visited their main branch after our lunch at Chicken Deli and ordered three mouthwatering desserts: Neopolitan Ice Cream Cake (P90), Felicia's Chocolate Cake (P85), Frozen Brazo (P80)

Frozen Brazo, Neopolitan Ice Cream Cake & Felicia's Chocolate Cake

Their French Macarons were also their best seller so we ordered two boxes for takeout. Flavors were: Chocolate, Mocha, Strawberry, Lemon, Blueberry & Mint for P40 each

Macarons for P40

6th St. DOLL Bldg, Bacolod City


Robinsons Place Bacolod


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