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Saturday, June 29, 2013

ChaMike Heritage Tour: BALAY NEGRENSE 

The most well-known house among all the ancestral houses in Silay. Famous for its concrete and brown wooden exterior, the Balay Negrense stands tall amidst the neighboring houses in Silay City. 

Owned by Victor Fernandez Gaston, eldest son of a prominent sugar baron, the Balay Negrense was built in the year 1897 and was abandoned in the mid-1970's until it was repaired and furnished by concerned parties including the government. The Balay Negrense was inaugurated on October 6, 1990.

This is the first stop on our ChaMike Heritage Tour which is located at Cinco de Noviembre Street a few blocks away from El Ideal Bakery.the curator asked us to park inside their spacious lot. Entrance fee is P50. The interior is very well maintained and we were surprised that it is not at all hot considering that we were there at around 1pm. Maybe because it was intricately designed to have proper air circulation.

First Floor
Upon entering the house a grand staircase welcomed us.

Located also in the first floor is the receiving area and at the back area is where parking of kalesa & other vehicles were situated.

Receiving Area, old Motorcycle & basement

Second Floor
The second floor is where the day-to-day living was done. Up in the generous wooden stairs guests would go into the real sala and bedrooms. The living room was for visitors as well as for dances, musical performances and soirees.

Living Room
The second floor was also flanked by three bedrooms on each side, identical in size and pattern those on the floor below.

Four of the 6 bedrooms at the second floor
Dining area is located in the middle part of the second floor behind the stairs. At the back part are the pantry & kitchen

Dining Area, Pantry and Kitchen
Other interesting pieces

Gramophone player, wewing machine, water Jug & telephone

Souvenir Shop
There is a also a souvenir shop at the back area of the house where you can see unique artworks made by a local artist in Bacolod.

Wire sculpture made by a Silay artist

Museum schedule:
Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

5 de Noviembre St., Silay City 

Contact Details:

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