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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ChaMike's 2nd Anniversary offering in Bacolod: Date at MuShu

For a cozier & more romantic ambience, MuShu Asian Restaurant & Lounge is the perfect place for you.

MuShu Asian Restaurant & Lounge, one of the hottest restaurants in Bacolod is owned by MasterChef Pinoy Edition judge, Chef Jayps Anglo. The place is open from lunch time until during midnight. MuShu Restaurant offers a diverse Asian menu ideal for people who have passion for good food.

Months before, I told Chef Jayps about ChaMike's Bacolod trip and he excitedly told me that he will tour us around the city and to forget our diet during our stay. Unfortunately Chef Jayps had an emergency TV guesting on the day of our trip but he made sure we will be very well taken cared of. 

ChaMike with Chef Jayps during one of MasterChef's parties

He asked us to meet Martin, MuShu's manager. Upon meeting Martin who is very accommodating gave us a map and Chef Jayp's car keys (oh we were so lucky!) after which we made a reservation for the night's dinner.

Mike driving Chef Jayps' Subaru

When we arrived at 7 in the evening, the wait staff graciously greeted us and guided us to our seats. Martin told us that Chef Jayps already prepared a dinner for us but gave us a menu just incase we wanted to have an additional order.

Martin personally came to deliver and patiently explained the dishes to use one by one. For starters they served us cocktails. Mike ordered a glass of Strawberry Margherita (P95) while Chef Jayps recommended me to drink Purple Ninja (P95) because he knew I love the color purple.

Strawberry Margherita
Purple Ninja

The dishes started with these three appetizers: Pritchon Pancakes (P185), Salt and Pepper Tofu (P95), Salt and Pepper Squid (P220). For something amazingly unique but delicious don't fail to order the Pritchon Pancakes, it's a combination of meat, cucumber & chili rolled in pita bread with hoisin sauce.

Pritchon Pancakes, Salt and Pepper Tofu and Salt and Pepper Squid with sauces

Followed by Crispy Dilis (P95) in chili pineapple glaze. I love dilis! This is a perfect partner for beer or any alcohol drinks.

Crispy Dilis

Then they served the Pancit Molo (P140) a Ilonggo specialty with dumplings, hainanese chicken, shrimp and pita bread. Mike loved this one! :)

Pancit Molo

For the the main course here were MuShu's finest: Tortang Talong (P158), Sizzling Kansi (P180) and Lechon Kawali (P155). The Tortang Talong is not your ordinary and simple fried eggplant. Cooked with sardines, kesong puti and grilled tomatoes with pinakurat and sweet chili sauce.

Tortang Talong

The Sizzling Kansi is popularly known as Sizzling Bulalo in most areas. It tasted divine, even if we were already full from all the dishes served we couldn't get enough of this one. A must try!

Sizzling Kansi

Last main course was our personal order, Lechon Kawali. Like most of the dishes served here, the Lechon Kawali was not the typical Lechon Kawali I've tasted as I quote Mike 'One of the best Lechon Kawali I've ever tasted'. It is thinly sliced with two different sauces: pinakurat dip and sweet soy sauce.  

Lechon Kawali

And of course we ate desserts! The restaurant only offers two desserts: Banana Chocolate Spring Rolls (P130) and Lava Cake (P130) but it's a must to order BOTH! The Banana Chocolate Spring Rolls is a turon-like dish with chocolate filling sprinkled with cinnamon and served with vanilla ice cream- yummy!

For our finale, Lava Cake! Freshly baked molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. ChaMike loves chocolate cake with ice cream dessert so this one was the highlight of our night. The surprise anniversary greeting added gush to my senses. 

It was a lovely evening with a lovely date, a lovely dinner treat and lovely courteous staff. 

ChaMike with Martin :)

Thank you Chef Jayps, Martin and the people behind the restaurant. You guys are AWESOME. Two thumbs up for MuShu!!! :) <3 So if you're in Bacolod it's a must to dine in Mu Shu

Here's the rest of the menu:

20th Lacson Street, Bacolod City

Facebook: Mu Shu Asian Restaurant and Lounge

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