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Saturday, June 08, 2013

The HEAT is on!

I always get excited every time I eat at hotel buffet restaurants. Well I haven't been to all of the famous hotel buffet restaurants in Manila but I've been to some like in Seasons Waterfront Hotel Manila which I experienced for free because of my past MTV show. Spirals at Sofitel Hotel for three times, the first two were free also because of my show-I love my job!, third on a discounted rate from my sister's friend (I availed at about P600+ for a P2,000+ meal- great DEAL!).

Spiral with Mama, Kuya and Gin

Then there was Circles Makati Shangrila which we also availed for a discounted rate (from P2000+ down to P800+)  super cheap! But unfortunately, my sister apparently lost her contact :(  (Baka you, guys know someone-hehehe)

Circles with Mama, Papa, Kuya, Gin and Gael

And lastly was at Heat Edsa Shangrila for two times with Mike's family, first was a celebration of Mike's mom last year.

at Heat last year.

2nd and most recent was just last week, it was a celebration of Tito Jet's and Kevin's birthday- Mike's dad and brother :)

Heat is an international buffet restaurant located at Edsa Shangrila Manila where they serve Asian and Continental dishes in a resort-like environment.

from Edsa Shangrila website

Here are some pictures I got to take at the fancy restaurant 

Antipasto & Coldcuts Station

vegetarian section, different flavors of honey, dried garnishes 

cold cuts and other garnish

Cheese Station

Flavored Cheese, Gruyere, Boursin, Brie, Edam, Emmental & Goat

Bread Station

There was Gluten Free Bread, perfect for Paleo Dieters :)

Sushi and Sashimi Station
Maki, Sushi, Tuna & Salmon

Chinese Station

Dimsums, Miswa Patola & Stirfried dishes

Ramen Station

Shrimp, Wanton, Squid & Fish

Pasta Station

Tomato Pasta & Squid Ink Pasta

Crustacean Station

Crab and Clams

Mediterranean Station

Spices, Roti, Papadum & resident chef checking the dishes

Filipino Station

Adobong Sitaw, Inihaw na Tanigue and Beef Salpicao

Carving Station

Desserts Station

Chocolate Fountain, Cakes, Pannacotta, Mouse, Creme Brûlée, Pudding

Taho Station, Fresh Fruits, Churros, Savarin

If you are dining at Heat for a birthday celebration, you will get a complimentary birthday cake and a band of singers singing 'The Heat is On'

Super energetic singer!

Happy Birthday, Tito Jet & Kevin!

I am very thankful to Mike's family for the treat, they are overwhelmingly nice to me :) 

food coma :o

So eat at HEAT to beat the heat :)

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