Grand Opening of KYLE'S LAB, The Mind Museum

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Something is about to explode :)

Mike and I along with other Junior MasterChef staff were invited at the grand opening of JMC Grand Winner, Kyle Imao's snack booth with the name KYLE'S LAB at The Mind Museum last Saturday.

Kyle has an exceptional talent for cooking, it was evident when he showcased his skills on Junior MasterChef and it was obvious that he was one of the best contenders among his group.

Kyle awarded during JMC Finale (photo courtesy of GF April)

After Kyle won as the first Pinoy Junior MasterChef two years ago, he didn't stop himself from improving his culinary skills. He even studied molecular gastronomy to widen his culinary knowledge.

I feel like a proud parent when I received an invitation of the grand opening of Kyle's Lab.

Kyle's Lab is a snack place at the second floor of The Mind Museum where they sell science themed snacks & beverages.

When we arrived, the area was jam packed with guests.

 Kyle greeted us and humbly posed for the camera.

ChaMike with Lab owner, Kyle

And because we were already hungry, we lined up to taste Kyle's creations :)

The dishes were very well planned to fit the theme of the museum even the names were very creative.

Baked Magma-roni

Pesto Dinosaur

Fish on Ships

Taco Flying Saucer

Meat-eor Balls

Strawberry Iced Tea with popping spheres
Sorry for the lack of production value on this photo

And no joke, everything was really good! My fave was the Taco Flying Saucer, yummy!!! And I can't get over the Strawberry Iced Tea, because instead of putting ordinary pearls, he used popping pearls which he learned from his molecular gastronomy class. It was my first time to taste something like that. Brilliant! 

The desserts were quiet clever as well...

Kyle serving desserts

Hazelnut Log

Plant in Pot Tiramisu
How cute is this? Everything is edible :)

I had two of these, hehehe

you want more?

Here's the list of snacks they regularly serve.

And by the way, for everyone's information, Kyle is the grandson of Philippine National Artist Abdulmari Imao whose popular works were Sarimanok sculptures & paintings. Indeed a family of artists.

Kyle's Mom, Dad & National Artist, Lolo

JMC mini reunion with Chef/Ninong Ferns.

I'm very proud of Kyle with where he is right now and excited on what he can become, keep it up Junior MasterChef! :)

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