Sunday, May 19, 2013

If you are looking for a no-fuzz barbecue eatery in Cebu, Larsian Barbecue is the place for you. 

Larsian is a barbecue square-type strip with numerous stalls located at Fuente Osmena. It is one the food havens and tourist attractions in Cebu. 

Last year, the provincial government of Cebu renovated the place so my officemates and I got to experience the new Larsian when we visited Cebu recently.

The 24-hour place has about 30 barbecue stalls that offer cheap grilled meat and seafood dishes. All stalls offer just about the same menu so you can imagine the competition between stalls. 

The moment we entered the place vendors screamed and convinced us to order at their stalls. If you already made your choice of stall, expect other stall vendors to snub you  (I experienced a vendor who harshly told me not to take pictures at their stall- talk about hospitality)

We opted to order here since they offer free kimchi :)

Customers have a choice of eating with spoon and fork or using bare hands. In our case, we chose the latter (Waaay more enjoyable!) Good thing we were given plastic gloves.

l-r: Beck, Hanah, Alex, Chloe, Me and Tunying

The grilling takes place at the center of the square. In this way, customers won't end up smelling barbecue smoke odor but still it's an open area so you can't truly avoid the smell although according to the locals smelling like barbecue is an important part of a true Larsian dining experience.

master grillers

Here's what we ordered:

Grilled Squid- P90 per piece 
Grilled Chicken- P75 per stick
Grilled Chorizo- P30 stick
Grilled Isaw- P5 per stick
Grilled Pork Bbq- P7 per stick
Grilled Chicken skin- P15 per stick
Grilled Gizzard- P15 per stick
Grilled White Marlin -P90 per order
Grilled Liempo- P180 per order
Kinilaw- P180 per order

And don't forget to order rice puso to complete the Larsian experience

Puso Rice for P3 each

Puso Rice- P3, I remember I had 6 puso! (goodbye no-rice-diet!)

This is a place perfect for a barkada feast that's easy on the pocket and of course delicious tasting barbecues! 

Officemates at Larsian

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