What Pasalubong to Buy in CEBU

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Buying a unique pasalubong in Cebu is getting harder nowadays because almost all Cebu delicacies are sold in Manila as well. So here's a list of what to buy in Cebu that you can't find anywhere in Manila (as far as I know)

1. Cebu Lechon
Cebu Lechon is different from the Lechons sold in Manila. They're tastier even without  sauce. Some of the famous Cebu Lechon offer boxes per kilo for take-out. I tried 2 Cebu Lechon brands already- Zubuchon and Ricos. I recommend you to order the latter. Why? Because Zubuchon is best enjoyed the first few hours after roasting.

2. Dried Mangoes with Chocolate coating
Dried Mangoes are everywhere but not with chocolate coating. Found this one at Cebu airport for P120 each. They also have dried pineapple chocolates :)

P120 each
P500 each (didn't buy this one)

3. Desserts in La Marea
La Marea is a dessert haven that can be found only in Cebu. Their famous product is their Warm Brownie Cup, but since you can't take it out (it has ice cream) you can opt to order something else like their yummy Sylvannas. 

La Marea Sylvanna for P250 per box

4. Sutukil Souvenir Shop
In Sutukil you can find tons of souvenir shops that's very cheap. 
         a. Cebu guitars 
         b. Souvenir keychains
         c. Cebu Shirts

5. Danggit, Dried Squid & Other Cebu Delicacies
For a one stop shop of Cebu delicacies and dried fish, check out Metro Supermarket in Ayala Center Cebu, they have all types of Cebu pasalubong which is cheaper compared to airport rates.

Bought Diday's Dangit & Dried Squid P160-P180
Do you have a Cebu souvenir you want to share?

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  1. To order cebu delicacies, go to http://www.cebubestdelicacies.com

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  3. Cebu Pasalubong? try Sukang Pinakuyaw Spicy Vinegar Available inside La neuva Supermarket and Buko Farm Outlets. You may contact 0922-8194181 for more details

  4. Be careful in buying Silvanas at La Marea. Check first the box if the tape that wrapped it is not tampered. Much better if you open the box and check if the foil that wrapped the sylvanas is tampered as well and count how many silvanas are in it. I bought two boxes last June 18, 2015 and one of the two boxes only had 8 pieces. It should contain 10.

    - La Marea one-time costumer (I won't be buying again at La Marea due to this experience)

  5. Hi Miss Cham! In behalf of Diday's Dried Fish Pasalubong Center people, We would like to thank you for mentioning us in your Blog! Really Appreciate it and Glad you also enjoyed your stay here in Cebu and picked us as one of your Pam-Pasalubong for your loved ones as well. God bless and we hope to see you again soon!

    1. Oh and I would like to ask permission if I could post your blog on our facebook page? :) Hoping for your kind reply. Thankies again!


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