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Thursday, May 09, 2013

After one month it felt great to be back in the Land of Promise.

A view of MT APO, the tallest mountain in the Philippine

This trip gave me an opportunity to appreciate Davao's unique & cheap food finds!

The last time I was in Davao, we only tried eating in Ranchero, Abreeza Mall because we were in Pearl Farm Beach Resort half of our trip but this time I had more chance to taste Davao's originals

Yellow Fin Seafood & Restaurant
Upon our arrival from Manila, we checked in at ALU Hotel we were hungry so we asked the receptionist if there's a famous restaurant nearby. She directly recommended us to try out Yellow Fin which was just one ride away.

Taxis were easy to find in Davao but we opted to ride a multicab for more adventure. Fare fee costs P8 each.

multicab ride with officemates

Yellow Fin Seafood & Restaurant is a local restaurant that has numerous branches in the city. It is becoming a culinary institution in Davao City. 

To order food you can either order dishes from a buffet of different viands or popularly known as turo-turo or you can order from their menu.

They offer a wide array of Filipino dishes like Paksiw Tuna Belly, Spareribs in Blackbeans, Kalderetang Kambing, Dinuguan, Paksiw na Pata and Ginisang Monggo. In our case we tried their Adobong Tuna Buntot for P250 (good for 2-3 pax), Adobong Native Manok for P150 (good for 1-2 pax) & Tuna Kinilaw. They also offer different kinds of fruit shakes which I had difficulty in choosing- from the various fruit selections like Mango, Durian, Watermelon, Melon, Banana, Grapes. I settled for Guyabano Shake (P65) which I didn't regret ordering. :)

sorry for the lack of photo quality, I was really hungry!

Overall the food was delicious, I love & recommend the Adobong Tuna Buntot, something to try that you rarely find in Manila

Luz Kinilaw
Another recommended place to eat in Davao is Luz Kinilaw. It is a carinderia type of dining and is one of the most popular seafood eateries in the city. 

Luz Kinilaw

Just outside the restaurant, you'll see different types of seafoods grilling.

look what's grilling...

The restaurant's main dining area is at the second floor. Don't expect to see a fancy air-conditioned restaurant, it's old & rustic which makes the gastronomical food experience in Davao complete.

second floor

diners at Luz Kinilaw

It's a no-fuss place for diners who love grilled seafoods, with big servings, great taste yet very affordable.

We ordered Grilled Squid, Sinigang na Tuna, Bagaybay or Fish gonads (male fish testes) & Bihod or Eggs of a female fish. It's my first time to try the exotic Bagaybay, it's worth a shot if you're in Davao, it has a gelatin texture and has a similarity with an ox brain of Persian restaurants. I love everything, I can say that they already mastered the art of perfect grilling through years of experience. 

top left: Grilled Squid, top right: Grilled Bagaybay, lower right: Sinigang na Tuna, lower left: Grilled Tuna Eggs
Tuna Panga! Yummy! I didn't get to take a picture before they eat this one


Aside from the unique & cheap restaurants we discovered, we also had the chance to hang out at one of Davao's hip bars. Because we already tried hanging out at Matina Square and Starr, we checked out The Blue Room in Apo View Hotel. Though it looked a bit old, I think it has a better ambience than Starr. They don't ask for entrance fees but you should consume drinks or food for at least P200 per person.

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