I Walk with NILO and OLIN PILLOWS, The World Most Traveled Pillows

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nilo and Olin Pillows are travel pillows!

*Nilo and Olin

Saw these adorable big-eyed pillows on Instagram and instantly fell in love with them. Nilo and Olin are warm hearted characters and their dream is to travel the world.

Here are some travel pictures of Nilo and Olin from their Facebook account

* Nilo and Olin around the world

So it's perfect for those who love to travel like me! That's why Mike randomly surprised me with not just Nilo but Olin as well :)

Mike's surprise <3

Nilo is the one who is on my office table and Olin stays at my bedroom. 

Here are pictures of their first travels with us

Nilo on our way to the mall and Olin in Puerto Galera

                                                                                             Watch out for my Puerto Galera post :)

You too can be a part of their adventure:
1. Bring the pillow to nice places
2. Take great photos
3. Share the photo at their Facebook page and Instagram

You can buy Nilo and Olin pillows at any Papemelroti branch 

Nilo & Olin at Papemelroti Roces Ave

You can also see other Nilo & Olin items for sale.

neck pillow, travel eye cover and car headrest

Can't wait to for more Nilo and Olin Walk with Cham adventures :)

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*from Nilo Pillow Facebook page

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