Things to do in SAGADA | Sumaguing Cave

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Spelunking was our first activity for Day 2 of our Surviving Sagada Adventure.

Your visit to Sagada would not be complete without encountering the mystifying Sumaguing Cave.

The tour starts as early as 7am so that we can be at the cave first as many tourists visit this place.

Sunrays at the forest

Good Morning! :)

I was a bit scared because for one I've never tried Spelunking before - I've been to Puerto Princesa's Underground River but we were in a boat the whole time (so that doesn't count) and second I'm clueless on what to expect inside (didn't completely do research about it- eeeps!)

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The tour guide gathered us and oriented us on what to expect and do inside the cave. I was taken aback even more when he said that there were tons of bat poop inside!

our guide, Erik

My Papa, Mama and Tita Lolit begged off to continue with the spelunking adventure (which I think was a smart move for them)

First part of the spelunking involves walking down through the slippery mud. We also passed by BAT POOP! Expect to smell a VERY foul odor and hold some while touching stones as you pass by.

When you get to the middle of the cave, the guide will ask to remove your footwear because it's safer walking without.

different rock formations

The rock formations were truly impressive. I love dipping my feet in the cold water.

What I love about spelunking is that you can let your imagination run wild with the stone formations.

Chocolate Marble Cake
aligator or dinosaur?

TRIPinas group at the turtle rock formation

Spelunking in Sumaguing Cave involves presence of mind, agility, flexibility, strength and creativity. 

Going back: Maricor, Me, Tito Lando & RV

Treking the cave would be my most exciting Sagada Adventure out of all the buwis-buhay stunts we've made. Big thanks to our twin guides, Jemel and Jersey who helped us go through the grueling adventure of spelunking.

l-r: Me, Tito Lando, Gin, Maricor, RV and twin guides Jemel and Jersey

By the way, the Pacsafe Pouch and LifeProof came in very handy in this activity. 

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