Things to do in DAVAO

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Davao City is located in Mindanao and is considered to be the most crime-free area in the Philippines. It is also where the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mt. Apo is located.

Davao is famous for their unique smelling Durian fruit

I've been hearing Davao ever since I was young. Our family, my father's side, is from/in Davao. My father even studied in Ateneo De Davao University but it's not until I worked that I got to visit this city. It's my third time here, the first two visits were because of our show's auditions and now my third because of Cebu Pacific Seat Sale :)

Here is our itinerary that could help first-time Davao travelers on the things to do around the city.

Day 1 & 2  
1. Go to Samal Island and bask in Davao's sun at PEARL FARM BEACH RESORT
I've been seeing pictures of this peaceful resort from friends that lured me to experience this pristine paradise.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort
Day 2
2. Check in at MICROTEL HOTEL
My second time in this hotel. If you're looking for comfy and inexpensive place to spend your nights in Davao I recommend you to stay here.

Microtel facade and lobby

The place is just a 10-minute ride away from the airport with variety of restaurants around the vicinity like McDonalds, Yellow Cab plus other local restaurants to try.

Their chiropractor-approved mattresses are quite big, four people can fit in a double room for P3,700 per night.

Each room is equipped with:
2 queen sized beds (2 can fit each)
Toilet and Bath with hot and cold shower
TV with cable
Water can be fetch outside the room
Blow dryer
Toiletries- shampoo and conditioner,  soap & toothbrush

Double room and its amenities

They have complimentary breakfast for two.

Breakfast buffet- eggs, longganisa, ham, sardines, cereals, fruits & breads

They also offer van rentals and airport transfers:
Van rental- P3,000 the whole day around the city plus 500 if you wish to go to Eden Nature Park or Philippine Eagle Center. 
Airport transfers- P100 per person
For more info visit their website at

3. Eat at RANCHERO
One of the few restaurants I know in Davao is Ranchero because I've already tried it the last time we were at Abreeza Mall. They serve Filipino ranch dishes and their best seller is the very tasty baby back ribs. All our orders were scrumptious! :)

Ranchero with Mike's cousin, Marianne :)

Baby back ribs- P475 (good for 3 persons)
Davao pomelo salad- P175
Adobong puso ng saging- P150 
Lumpiang hubad- P 225

Adobong Puso ng Saging, Davao Pomelo Salad, Lumpiang Hubad and Baby Back Ribs

 4. Get in touch with nature at EDEN NATURE PARK
At first we thought that this was just a simple park, but we were wrong. Eden Nature Park makes you become one with nature and gives a soothing ambiance when you visit. It also offers activities like zipline, horse back riding, mountain trail and endless picture taking.
Eden Nature Park

5. Buy pasalubong and souvenirs
Tip: If you are looking for fresh and really cheap mangosteen buy it along the road from Eden Nature Park going to the city. The prices of their fruits are half the price compared to those in the city.

Ron at a fruit stand near Eden Nature Park

You can also buy pasalubong at Aldevinco's Shopping Center where you can see tons of arts & crafts souvenirs like durian key-chains, malongs, sarongs, colorful bags, shirts that are uniquely Mindanaoan. I even bought a paisley dress for P350 and summer hats for P150 each.   

Buy pomelo at Golden Fruits Davao, their prices are a bit higher than the prices at local fruit stands but certainly taste better than the other local brands.

6. Indulge on a dessert at Blugre Cafe
One of my most favorite desserts can be found in Blugre Cafe. It's a cafe famous for their desserts and is located in numerous areas around the city. 

Blugre Cafe

Their Choco Torte with Creams Sauce Cake is to die for! :) I ordered one whole cake for pasalubong.

We also tried their Choco Warm Cup Ala Mode, it was good but the best pa rin ang Warm Brownie Cup from La Marea.

Check out: Pigging out in Cebu City

7. Sound trip at Matina Town Square or go clubbing at STARR
Matina Town Square offers a laid back al fresco drinking experience with alternative live band playing as your background music.

If you are looking for a place to go clubbing, Starr is the most high end hang out place in the area. 
Entrance fee: Non Vip P150 | Vip P250 | comes with free 2 drinks (either San Mig Light or Tanduay Ice)

Ron, Mike & me at Starr
We even saw Georgina Wilson partying with friends :)

Georgina Wilson in the house! :)

Take note that it's prohibited to smoke in most of the areas in Davao & they have a curfew of until 3 am.

no SMOKING pls!

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  1. You should have tried river tubing by Layak. It was a very exciting experience (just like white water rafting but you do it alone on salbabida-like seats).. Also, you should try Lyndon's worst ribs and Lachi's. These are very good places to eat.

    1. That sounds FUN!!! Sige will try it when I go back to Davao :) Thank you for sharing!

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. here are also some of the must try in Davao:

    the famous Bulcachong (A Carabao's Stew), if you wanna try the locals Fave.. hehehe! it is also the name of the Resto or
    Try the Crab Buffet at Lets Crab Eat in Torres St. or
    Glamour Crabs buffet in Padre Gomez St.
    Belito's VineYard - a must try is Paella Negra (Promise!!!!!!) also Shrimp Gambaz.. located in Ferrazzini Compound, Palm Drive, Bajada

    Taklobo Restaurant located in Jack's Ridge is also great, its on an UpHill place, yet affordable too - (personal favorite is Seafood supreme)
    Outback grill is also a good choice when it comes to variety of grilled menus. in Bacaca Road. :)
    Marina Tuna - The best place to enjoy Tuna in 10 different ways. :) in Pampanga, Sasa.

    if medjo chinese yet seafoods trip mo... a must try in
    Grand Emperor Sea Foods or Ahfat Seafood Plaza 2 in Victoria Plaza Carpark Area. :)

    here's one that i assure you'll definitely love.. as innnnn! and im betting my life on it. hahahaha! (grabe exag!? lol!) Seriously, even Kris Aquino loved it so much, and even featured it on KrisTV.. hehehe! its the heavenly "Vanilla Cheesecake" of The White House located at Northpoint in Bajada.

    actually, there's much more Davao could offer from mid range to Luxe Restos, Fine Dining experience. I just don't know if you're interested though. hahaha!

    1. came back to ur blog coz i forgot to bookmark this, good thing i still remember the keyword that leads me here. lolz! and tnx for the blog post on some best restos in Cebu. im going there in 2 weeks. so might as well try those, except for Mooon Cafe, Davao has it, in Abreeza 2nd flr. :)

      i'd be glad to share with you some of my fave list of restos here in Davao if u need. :) again tnx and i'll be visiting again here soon whenever u got new posts :)

    2. Thank you for the nice tips :) will be back in Davao this year and will keep in mind your suggestions! :) Thanks again!!!

  3. i forgot, eating at the Riverwalk Grill's exotic foods (Crocodile Meat, Ostrich meat even the Exotic ice Cream - Crocodile Durian ice cream) is a must try.. hahahaha! located in Crocodile park.

    To name a few on what to do here in Davao is go.. Zorbing, Zip Lining, SkyCycle (Literally as what its name called, ur riding a bike up there, lolz!) Water Rafting, Tubing. Trekking, Wakeboarding and more. :)

    and by the way, i like ur blog, keep it up... first time to visit here... :)

    1. Thank you again!!! :) Would want to try the Skycycle :) Hahaha!!!

  4. Nice list of things to do in Davao! Unfortunately I have not visited the Pearl farm.

    1. Thanks Rene! Go visit it, I heard Chema by the Sea is also nice :)

  5. Hi cham. I was hooked and amazed with your blog and i wanted to visit there this january 2015. How long did you stay in davao and how much budget will i allot? Hehe

    1. Hi Anne! We stayed there for 3 days. I guess 10-20k is enough depending on the hotel :)

  6. Thanks cham for replying!
    Ill be looking forward for your future blogs. ;)

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