I Walk with PacSafe and LifeProof

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For my Sagada trip, I am bringing these travel essentials:

1. PacSafe, Coversafe
A security neck pouch that comes with a slash proof wire-reinforced neck/shoulder strap. Ideal for concealing passport, cash and credit cards in crowded areas. It has an anti odor treatment and moisture proof liner.

Mike's parents, Tita Jackie and Tito Jet gave this to me last Christmas and I am excited to use it in Sagada and in my future travels. I think they bought this one in Duty Free but you can also find it at Robinsons, Landmark, BratPack, Travel Club and some branches in PowerMac Stores

For more info and other products visit them at www.pacsafe.com

2. LifeProof case for iPhone5
The most advanced case ever built for iPhone 5- it's water proof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shock proof (nekeneng!)

Saw this used by several friends and found it VERY useful. In Sagada, we will trek and plunge in a falls but I don't have to worry! I just bought this one yesterday at Beyond The Box, Centris Mall for P3,950.00. You can also order online at www.lifeproof.com

I will also be bringing my Travel Charger for Cellphone which Mike gave to me for my old Blackberry phone and now I'm bringing this one for my iPhone. :)

I will give feedback of the actual performance of these items when I come back :)

Happy vacation everyone!

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