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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Because of MasterChef production team's hard work, Ron (my co-EP) & I thought of treating the whole gang on a dinner feast.

MasterChef Staff at LOLA Cafe + Bar 
Mike and I recently discovered this quaint & new restaurant along Sct Lozcano cor Sct Tuazon, Tomas Morato. Lola Cafe + Bar is a cozy dining place surrounded by trees perfect for group or family get togethers. 

This was formerly a house now transformed into a restaurant. 

top: bar area at the first floor, bottom left: girl's restroom, bottom right: artworks and quote leading to the mezzanine 

Retaining the features of the house, it reflected a homey ambiance, the interiors are spacious, with two floors of dining areas plus an alfresco dining.

top: mezzanine area, bottom left: al fresco dining area, bottom right: private room

top l-r: jesse, joyce, lester, khristian, ron, jov, me, mike, reeza, ia, dre, reggie and april
bottom l-r: joanna, anthony & hedel

They serve fusion and continental cuisine. Here are some of the delicious dishes we ordered.

Beef Salpicao (P280)- beef tenderloin cubes sautéed with olive oil and garlic. The beef is very tender and juicy but has little serving.

Veggie Humus (P150)- eggplant humus served with pita bread.

Pumpkin Soup (P90)- topped with bacon.

Gambas y Chorizo (P280)- fresh shrimp and chorizo sauteed in olive oil with lots of garlic. This is one is a bit pricey.

top left: Beef Salpicao, top right: Veggie Humus, bottom left: Pumpkin Soup, bottom right: Gambas y Chorizo

Pasta Tartufo (P260)- Cream sauce with portabello mushroom and truffle oil.

Spicy Tinapa Pasta (P185)- Smoked fish with olive oil, chili flakes & fresh tomatoes. This one you should order, delicious and tasty! YUMMY! :)

left: Pasta Tartufo, right:Spicy Tinapa Pasta

Main Entrees:

For sharing:
Kare-Kare (P350)- Just like your lola's Kare-Kare. 

Kimchi Kaldereta (P380)- Their own version of Kaldereta with a spicy twist. It's a must try.

One serving:
Southern Fried Chicken (P380)- Fried chicken served with mashed potatoes. 

Rosemary Chicken (P380)- Half grilled chicken coated with rosemary herbs and served with rice. This one you should order :)

Chicken Fajitas (P260)- Chicken breast and spicy hungarian sausage with bell peppers served with 3 piece of tortillas.

top left: Rosemary Chicken, top right: Southern Fried Chicken,
bottom left: Kare-kare bottom right: Kimchi Kaldereta

Chicken Fajitas

Banoffee Pie (P150)- graham crust with banana, custard cream and a dash of chocolate.

Belgian Chocolate Cupcake (P60)- chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache frosting.

Banoffee Pie & Belgian Chocolate Cupcake
One of the keys to survive the stress and fatigue of TV production is for you to have an awesome group like MasterChef team. I'm really proud of my team for making an amazing show. Kudos to us! :)

Magigiting na MC Staff + MC Cook, Reggie at private room :)

Ze Gang

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