Saturday, February 23, 2013

Green. Peaceful. Rustic. Artistic.

These are the words that I can describe where I was last weekend.

Casa San Pablo is a bed and breakfast haven located in San Pablo Laguna. Here, they offer not just accommodations but dining, wedding, tours & team buildings as well. And recently the team went here for a creative planning. We were blessed with bountiful ideas and I would like to say that the location made a big contribution for it's success. 

During my 3 days stay at the Casa I had the chance to discover what's in store for the people who wants to experience it.

Here are the reasons why I love Casa San Pablo:

1. I love the country feel 
Casa San Pablo gives a breezy & comfy feel away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

This rustic barn door welcomed us
top left: wooden swing, top right: Owner's country house, bottom left: dining area, bottom right: different rooms 
Each furniture pieces are different and are picture-worthy.

top left: dining set for two, top right: waiting area, bottom left: lanay, bottom right: furniture outside one of the rooms

2. I love the unique rooms
I was really eager to take a glimpse in their rooms, I read kasi that each room is different from the others. They have a total of 18 rooms, each is equipped with a bathroom with hot shower, aircon & tv.

top left: facade of room 1, top right: first floor of room 18, bottom left: room 17, bottom right: facade of room 2

Room 13

3. I love that they host planning and team building
The reason why I stayed here is for our unit's creative planning. It was a fulfilling and successful planning I may say. Casa San Pablo made a big contribution on extracting the creative juices of the team.

top left: Melchor, Christian and Mike, top right: team discussing
 bottom left: my small group, bottom right: ice breaker
Our group picture from James Arellano's camera

top l-r: Mel, Tanya, Hancel, Marpua, Brian, Aol, Budoy, Alvin, Zeph, Chloe, Jayson, Oliver, Coco, Grace & James
middle l-r: Kuya Albert, A. Peng, Marcus, Ms. Mercee, Jon Moll & Alex
bottom l-r: Hanah, Edel, Keina, Jov, Ron, Me, Mike, Ms Maya, Melchor & Christian

4. I love the portable hammocks
I want to have one! 
hammocks on different areas of the Casa

5. I love the lutong bahay food
They usually serve local Laguna cuisine. They have choices of fish, seafood chicken, pork & beef. Each meal also serves soup which was my most favorite :)

Country style dining area
Salo-salo lunch
6. I love the rustic art pieces
In all the areas of the Casa you will find something to like and appreciate especially if you are fond of antiques, arts & crafts. Kaya masarap mag pichur-pichur :)

top left: art pieces in one of the dining rooms, top right: art pieces from the second floor dining area
bottom left: art pieces from the 1st floor dining area bottom right: antique flat iron

top left: wooden sheep decoration, top right: antique dental chair,
bottom left: wooden sun decoration, bottom right: shell curtains
love this portable gazebo that they use for weddings 
7. I love the pool
They have 2 swimming pools but we never had the chance to swim. It's just near our conference area so at least we had the view

8. I love the nature & movie nights 
Each night they have a movie session outside surrounding the pine trees. You can choose to watch while relaxing in the hammock or sitting on the banig while you're with your friends or special someone. I love this idea! I wish to recreate tis in my 'future' house :)

grainy picture while watching Hotel Transylvania
Casa San Pablo is a great way of connecting yourself to nature. 

stepping on greens

top: unique looking trees bottom: cute mini cooper surrounded by nature

9. I love that we can relax
The Casa is an ideal way to relax, recharge and regain one's strength. 

top left: ChaMike enjoying the wooden swing, top right: Marcus prepping for the planning
bottom left: Kuya Albert having a hammock siesta, bottom right: Jov reading from her iPad

10. I love that we can be kids
I miss being one :)
Christian and Grace
swing you :)
swing me :)
For more information:

Address: Barrio San Roque, San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines 
Mobile: +63 920 962 4083 or +63 917 812 6687 

Phone: +63 2 211 2132 | Fax: +63 2 724 7023 
Email: info@casasanpablo.com

Website: www.casasanpablo.com

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