Thursday, February 28, 2013

I never imagined myself watching an orchestra live since I'm not really a fan but thankfully my boyfriend, who's a big fan of film scores, allowed me to appreciate such. Mike has this perpetual love for musical scoring so when he learned that there was a repeat of the Magic of John Williams featuring ABSCBN Philharmonic Orchestra, he bought tickets for the both of us. 

top left: our tickets, top right: ABSCBN Philharmonic Orchestra
bottom left: ChaMike with a storm trooper, bottom right: Program booklet

John Williams is considered one of the most renowned music composer of our time. From over six decades of his career, he has created some of the well known film scores in the world. His mastery of the art of film scoring is the reason why director Steven Spielberg has worked with him in all except two of his films. Most of his music became a part of Mike and I's childhood. Kaya naman naexcite din ako pakinggan ang music nya.

The event was held at the Meralco Theatre last February 23, our tickets cost P1,200.

Tamang tama lang yung napili naming seats because we were seated at the middle. I can see all the musicians especially Maestro Gerard Salonga

Btw, I'm an admirer of Gerard Salonga, kasi I've worked with him on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 (batch of Bugoy Drilon, Leizl Garcia & Laarni Lozada) but we were never properly introduced. Ang galing niyang magcomment sa mga contestants namin, he knew what he was talking about, very credible and I even think he's way better judge than some of the international judges of AI or any singing contest abroad. Well, kaya naman pala I've read from the program booklet Mike bought for P80 that he graduated Summa Cum Laude from Breklee College of Music in Boston. He not only conducts Orchestra here in the Philippines but also Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Truly world class, like what we've experienced that magical night.

It's a night of nostalgia! Here were some of the film scores that gave me goosebumps...

Adventures on Earth from E.T.
The score of E.T won John Williams his fourth Academy Award. It came to be the most loved film of Steven Spielberg and the theme became one of Wiliams' signature works. Hearing the theme made me remember watching E.T. with my siblings on Betacam.

Superman's signature heroic film score gave the audience a feel that someone strong and majestic is about to arrive. Upon hearing the music, dito ko sobrang naappreciate ang film score. The film score gave a major contribution not only to the success of the movie but also to the branding of the character. Scoring palang alam mong si Superman yun!

with the special participation of Karylle and Superman himself
Star Wars
John Williams has acquired the same amount of fame and success as George Lucas when Star Wars came out of the big screen. John Williams has a technique which associates a particular character/scene to a certain theme that establishes the harmony of the character and his music. Kaya even though I don't exactly recall the story of Star Wars, when I heard the Star Wars music score nakakaconnect ako. That's the magic of scoring :)

with Pinoy 501st

Suite of Jaws
This was one of the most anticipated numbers of the night. I remember watching Jaws with my siblings and cousin, we were so terrified we swore not to swim on open water. It also became a childhood playtime when my Kuya used to mimic the Jaws scoring on the piano, we would all scream and hide because of fright (natatawa nalang ako kapag naalala ko). Jaws made a terrifying impression to its audience that it is still effective up to now and the genius behind the movie lies in the brilliant use of the music.

Theme from Jurrasic Park
I was really excited for this one! This has got to be my most favorite John Williams score of all time. Though it was said that Jurassic Park's theme was overshadowed by the theme from Schindler's list at that time. For me, as a big fan of Jurassic Park, the theme gave me a kurot ng puso feel. My kuya even bought a cassette tape of the Jurassic Park soundtrack, he plays it ever so often kaya recall na recall ko siya (I was only grade three at that time).

When they started playing it I literally cried! I didn't even expect it to happen.  I was so moved that I remembered my family's experience of watching Jurassic Park I have a very vivid memory of the day my family was about to watch it in Alabang Town Center. Nakipagsapalaran si Mama sa mahabang pila sa ticket booth because we all want to watch it on the big screen. When we were about to go inside the theatre a guard stopped us and asked my youngest sister what her age was- kasi PG 7 ang movie, my sister looked smaller than her age kaya kahit na mag 7 na siya in less than a week nung tinanong siya, d siya makasagot kasi nga 6 years old palang daw siya. It was a looooong process of pakiusapan. My papa was pissed off na, ang ending- FAIL! :(((( But because my papa was persistent umikot at naghanap kami sa Alabang ng ibang movie house and viola! Manuela to the rescue!!! Though it's not as posh as ATC nag-go na kami since General Patronage naman siya! All our efforts were worth it! Jurassic Park was over the top!!! So it was a happy ending after all. Kaya ganun nalang siguro yung burst of emotions ko when I heard them play the music. B-R-A-V-O!

Here's the rest of the Program:

1984 Olympic Fanfare and Theme

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Suite for Orchestra

Theme from the Schindler's List

If We Were In Love from Yes, Giorgio featuring Jose Mari Chan and Karylle

The Mission Theme from NBC News

Excerpts from Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Indiana Jones: Raiders March

top left: Yes Giorgio music with Karylle and Jose Mari Chan, top right: Harry Potter music with Hogwarts Philippines
bottom left: Indian Jones music bottom right: Schindlers List music

We also had an opportunity to have our pictures taken with some of the guests
top left: Mike with Pinoy Jedis, top right: Mike with Darth Vader
bottom left: Me with Superman, bottom right: Me with Hogwarts Philippines
I really wish my kuya witnessed this brilliant night. ABSCBN Philharmonic Orchestra nailed each piece with perfection, HANDS DOWN! Bigla ko tuloy winish na sila ang tumugtog sa wedding ko :p 

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  1. Hi, we're n d same page. Jurassic Park s also 1 f my favorites. You were very lucky at nakapanuod ka. Swerte dn ako nd fortunate coz I got d chance to play d music f J. Williams under d interpretation f Maestro G. Salonga nd d ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra that night. Great music and great orchestra in 1 night, wala na kong mahihiling pa.

    1. Wow! So you are one of the musicians of ABS-CBN Philharmonic :) Thank you for taking the time to read :) That was one amazing night! I admire you and your group, awesome job! (clap clap clap)

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