Wednesday, February 20, 2013

If I haven't told you, Mike loves to surprise! He's a CHARMER and gets very creative on special occasions. Especially on this extra special day! Even if most couples say it's unnecessary to celebrate valentines (since for them everyday should be), I feel somehow that one should always feel very important on this day.

While waiting for Jessica Sanchez at the Big Dome
So here's how our February 14 went...

Mike picked me at my place and handed me these Sugarstop bouquet of heart shaped choco cookies! :) I've been getting bouquets of roses from him ever since we've been together that's why this time iba naman daw. 

For lunch, we decided to eat at Taste of LA Cafe.

Taste of LA Cafe is a fusion restaurant located at Tomas Morato that serves mostly pasta, pizza and steaks. The ambience is cozy and rustic which gives a romantic feel just right for occasions like this.

non smoking area- loving the red roses centerpiece
It was just a random decision then Mike realized that this was where he planned to bring me last year (but of course it didn't push through since I had to work on the Junior MasterChef Finale at that time). Funny that it took us one year to finally eat here.

It was our second time though but our first time that it was just us two :)

Here's what our two hungry tummies ate...

Complimentary bread with butter for starters

bread & butter
Also for starters, we ordered Grilled Italian Sausages Pizzaiola P340 with pomodoro sauce and parmesan cheese, you can choose from regular or spicy- of course we ordered spicy :)

Grilled Italian Sausages Pizzaiola P340
I ate Barbecued Tuna Belly P410 glazed with soy vinaigrette. Take note: NO RICE! :p

Barbecued Tuna Belly P410
Mike ordered Spaghetti Maranese P510 its a northern Italian style Marinara: prawns, scallops, lapu-lapu fillet, calamari and shrimps in olive oil. YUM!

Spaghetti Maranese P510
Everything we ordered was delicious. The pasta was exceptionally GOOD!

Happy TUMMIES- as always :)
After lunch we went straight to the office and little did Mike know that there was something waiting for him there. Hihihi :)

I forced him to have a picture taken with his blue roses from his 'secret admirer'

But later on revealed to him that I'm the Secret Admirer -hehe. I thought of giving him roses because I never gave him one (Grabe! Hindi pala siya mura). Big thanks to best friend Marvz for arranging it all for me! You're the BEST!

And last but the not the least pasabog! Patron tickets for two on Jessica Sanchez's Concert in Araneta Colesium! Totoo ba to??? HUUUURAAAAAAHHHH!!!

I've been a Jessica Sanchez fan ever since I heard her sing on American Idol. I never was an avid viewer of AI not until she was there. Even the last time the whole AI gang went here on September 2012 I asked Mike to have tickets for this and he actually got us tix to the concert. But it was a bad timing since I had taping the next day so I had to turn down the concert (boo!) I wasn't able to hear her sing (double boo!). So now I was really really happy for the good news! 

We were seated at the very front- 4th row to be exact so I can see her clearly. Though my iPhone didn't give justice to how near we were (darn!) kaya I had a mental note: During concerts always bring your Canon camera, it works better!

She sang popular covers like Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Someone Like You, Human Nature, Love on Top, And I Am Telling You.

It was a shocker when she sang an OPM song Ikaw popularized by Sharon Cuneta. We never expected this one. It gave me shivers to my spine, grabe! The audience was awed and gave her a standing ovation. It was followed by singing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You  and it was the second most applauded number.

She was truly exceptional! It was a dream come true for me to see her live up front! :)

I would like to thank Mike for letting me experience the concert. Ibang iba talaga si Mike! Thank you thank you for the never ending surprises! I love you! :)

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