Creative Planning at CASA SAN PABLO

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Right after the season of MasterChef, the team organized a creative planning in Casa San Pablo, Laguna. 

Casa San Pablo is a bed and breakfast in San Pablo City, Laguna. It's a cozy country inn surrounded by pine trees and sprawling lawns. I've been wanting to go here ever since I heard this place two years ago. 

The moment we arrived we were greeted by the owner, Ms An Alcantara.

Then they served lomi for morning snacks.

After which we checked in our luggages at our appointed rooms

Girl's Bedroom
Boy's Bedroom

Then creative planning. Here we go!

We were divided in groups. It was a good idea to hold the planning here since the ambiance brought out the creativity of the team. As Casa San Pablo said, this is the ideal getaway for those looking for a chance to recharge their creative energies. 

My teammates brainstorming

The 3 kolokoy boys brainstorming their ice breakers

Ice breaker
We also had the opportunity to take a break from the city, enjoy the place and the company of each other

matching tee-with-a-knot

Videoke & Jack Coke night

Kulitan picture

The food we ate were comfort lutong bahay food. 

Day 1 Lunch: Kalabasa at Sitaw, Clam Soup & Roasted Chicken

Day 1 Dinner: Lumpiang Hubad, Chicken Curry, Pork Barbecue

Day 2 Breakfast: Adobong Manok, Danggit, Ensaladang Kamatis at Itlog na Pula

Day 2 Lunch: Pinakbet, Kare-Kare, Pritong Bangus & sopas

Day 3 Breakfast: Arroz Caldo, Eggs, Longganisa and Danggit

Day 3 Lunch: Pork with tausi, Tahong soup, Chicken barbecue, Crab with veggies

The planning was indeed a success! Thank you Casa San Pablo :)

Reality Group

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