Monday, December 10, 2012

Just want to share with you what's inside my travel bag. Destination? Hong Kong! :)

1. Gucci Bag Bought this bag during my visit in Hong Kong year 2009. With the help of my papa, I purchased my most expensive bag to date. I bring this in almost all of my out-of-the-country travels :)

top left: Shanghai, top right: NAIA airport,
bottom left: Thailand, bottom right: Taiwan

2. Fab Manila's Travel Envelope for an organized travel. This is where I put all travel documents & pocket money- Passport, tickets, booking reservation, itinerary, credit cards.

booking reservation, ticket, itinerary, passport inside Fab Manila's Travel Envelope.
For more information about their items visit their website: www.fabmanilabags.com

3. Gucci Shades and Rayban Aviator can't leave the house without my sunnies, I usually bring two for more choices depending on my outfit :) 

4. Comb no bad hair day

5. Calculator I use this for shopping :)

Make up
6. Maybelline's Eyeliner I look bagong gising without this
7. Eyebrow color from In 2 It cheap and good
8. Naturactor the perfect concealer!
9. Mac's Blush on for rosy cheeks
10. Mac Studio Fix & Kabuki Brush my fave!
11. Acca Kappa in Blue Lavender given by Mike's mom
12. 3 shades of lippies: Mac's Morange, Mac's Ruby Woo and Maybelline's Coral Crush

13. Travel eye cover I use this during flight. It's a must for every traveler :)

14. Trusted Canon Camera I've been using this for the past 4 years, though I have my iPhone for taking pictures, I still bring it for back up.

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