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Other Hong Kong attractions you shouldn't miss are The Peak, Riding the Peak Tram & Double Decker Trams.

The Peak & Double Decker Trams
There are several ways to go to The Peak- you can ride a taxi, double decker, mini bus or Peak Tram. I suggest to ride the latter because it's an experience that is uniquely Hong Kong. It's the quickest and most scenic way on getting to The Peak. The Lower Peak tram Terminus is accessible on foot or by public transportation.

Here's how...

How to go to the Lower Peak Tram Terminus:
via BUS NUMBER 15C (either open-top double-deck or single-deck bus) from outside Central Pier 8 on Hong Kong Island (Star Ferry Pier for services to Hung Hom) and which also stops outside City Hall on Connaught Road Central. The bus service operates daily at about 15 minute intervals from 10am until 11-40pm and the journey takes about 10 minutes. The adult fare is HK$4.2.

via WALKING FROM CENTRAL OR ADMIRALTY MTR STATIONS within about 15 minutes walk , like what we did. The terminus is located near Citybank Tower. FROM CENTRAL MTR STATION take Exit J2 or Exit K. Exit J2 leads to Chater Garden from where Bank of China Tower is clearly visible. Do not worry about getting lost, there are signs everywhere.


Lower Peak Tram Terminus 
Schedule of Peak Tram: 7 am to 12 midnight (Mon - Sun & Public Holidays)
Price:      The Peak Tram only: One Way- HK$ 28= P148.83 (adult) HK $11 = P58 (kids), 
                 Return- HK $ 40 = P 212.62 (adult) , HK $ 18= P96 (kids)
                 The Peak Tram + Sky Terrace: HK$ 65 = P343 (adult) HK$31= P165 (kids)
     All tickets are sold at Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus
     Peak Tram Upper Terminus (The Peak Tower) sells Peak Tram tickets only.

We only bought Peak Tram tickets because it was foggy the time we're there so going up the Sky Terrace is not advisable.

historical gallery at the Peak Tram Terminus 2009

Expect a long queue while waiting for the Peak Tram. You have to be quick in finding a seat because there's no seat number, my sister and brother had no choice but to stand up the whole time.

at the Peak Tram Terminus 2009
You will be amused on the view outside- everything's tilted! Too bad it's foggy so we didn't see much of the view.

Tilted! :)
The Peak is a stylish architectural icon of Hong Kong. There are shops, restaurants & view decks. It is also where the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is located.

Merry Christmas :)
Foggy Peak :(
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum last 2009

Outside The Peak Mall

The Peak Information Booth

My lovely Mama :)
Love this miniature double decker :)

Because we didn't avail the entrance to the Sky Terrace, we opted to go up the Peak Galleria instead, it has no entrance fee but will give you a view of the outlaying islands.

View deck
View of Cheung Chau Island, Lamma Island and Lantau Island
Last 2009, we were lucky to have a fantastic view of the city via Sky Terrace.

View of the City from the Sky Terrace last 2009
for information about The Peak visit

Going back to the city, I suggest that you ride a double decker bus. Look for the number 15 bus at The Peak terminal to drop you off at Central. 

Don't forget to sit at the very front of the second level, the ride will give you an experience of a roller coaster thrill.

2nd level of the double decker
view of Central traffic from the Double Decker

Locally named the Ding Ding, the Hong Kong Tram is one of a kind, cheap & breezy transportation in Hong Kong, for only HK$2.3 per journey for adults = P 12.7 HK$1.2 child = P6.35 you can enjoy riding on a Ding Ding. 

Ding dings have been gliding in the northern side of Hong Kong Islands since 1904. It's an inexpensive way of experiencing Hong Kong's interesting sceneries.

Tram ride 2009
My Papa's wish is to ride the Tram from end to end but according to the information counter it will take us hours to do that so given the limited time, we opted to go around Central instead.

Tram ride 2009
I love riding the Ding Ding, it's a fresher & slower take of the busy Hong Kong where you can relax, observe & explore the city. 

The six routes and approximate journey times are;

  1. Kennedy Town – Western Market (23 mins)
  2. Kennedy Town – Happy Valley (60 mins)
  3. Causeway Bay - Shek Tong Tsui (Whitty Street Depot) (45 mins)
  4. Western Market – Shau Kei Wan (58 mins)
  5. Shek Kong Tsui (Whitty Street Depot) – North Point (56 mins)
  6. Happy Valley – Shau Kei Wan (42 mins)
  7. Shau Kei Wan - Kennedy Town (85 minutes)

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