Tuesday, December 25, 2012

For a one of a kind Hong Kong experience, I suggest you ride a JUNK. It's fun, informative and caters only to tourists of Hong Kong.

I've been wanting to ride a JUNK ever since I first visited Hong Kong in 2008 but was really clueless on how to go about it and then I read reviews on riding a Duk Ling Junk. So of course I included it on our Hong Kong to-do-list.

Here's how:
Go to Hong Kong Toursim Board office in Kowloon public pier at least one hour before the scheduled boarding. Present your passport and pay HK $100 = P530, no discounted rate for kids. All needed information will be discussed by the tourism officer so if you have questions feel free to ask them.

Hong Kong Tourism Board

There are two piers you can depart from- Kowloon & Central and you have to be at the pier at least 10 minutes before the departure. We chose to depart from Kowloon since we were in TST already. 

while waiting for the Junk

Dukling date & time of departure:

Kowloon departure: 2pm and 4pm (Thursday); 10am and noon (Saturday)
Hong Kong Island/Central departure: 3pm and 5pm (Thursday); 11am and 1pm (Saturday)

Dukling is originally owned and managed by Chinese fishermen which was launch in 1955. She is a reminder of Hong Kong's origins, when the taipans and opium traders settled here.

When you're inside the Junk, expect the ride to be bumpy, there are no comfy seats & no food. I guess they really want us to experience an authentic Junk ride like what they do centuries ago.

inside the Junk with sleeping Gin

Mama & Papa enjoying the view

Kuya and Gael
Despite the riding condition, you will be mesmerized by Hong Kong's dramatic skyline, the ride was about 30-45 mins long. The experience was worth every penny :)

Hong Kong's Skyline



my sister, Gin

enjoying the bumpy and rainy ride :)

After our Junk ride we went back to Kowloon to witness the Symphony of Lights along Avenue of the Stars. The good thing about this spectacular event is it's for free, no tickets required. :)

Avenue of the Stars

The Symphony of Lights is staged every night at 8pm. The best viewing location is along Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront along Avenue of the Stars. You can also try the promenade at Golden Bauhinia Square in Wanchai and from ferries in the Victoria Harbour. The show lasts for 14 minutes.

Symphony of Lights
Symphony of Lights
You should be at the Avenue of the Stars at least 30 minutes before the scheduled show to have a better viewing experience. 

When we went there, it was foggy and raining. It was our second time (Ma & me) and it was way better the first time we watched it because during our first experience the weather was clear, making the experience truly spectacular. 

foggy :(
But during our last visit, Papa, Kuya, Gin and Gael were a bit disappointed because they didn't see any view at all. Gin even asked 'Ayun na yun?'. So I don't recommend to watch it during rainy season. 

rainy Avenue of the Stars
rainy Avenue of the Stars
for more information about Symphony of Lights visit www.tourism.gov.hk/symphony

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