Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I personally enjoyed dining at the restaurants of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. The ambience was relaxing, conducive and elegantly antique which takes you back to the 19th century era as if eating like an illustrado

There are 2 main restaurants in Las Casas, one is Cafe Marivent in Casa Unison & the other one is La Bella Teodoro in Casa Binan.

We had our lunch at Cafe Marivent, a two-storey restaurant which serves Filipino dishes. 

1st floor

Because it was jam packed during lunch time when we were there, we opted to stay at the second floor.

2nd floor
Mama and Gin wanted to eat Paleo food so here's what we ordered... 

left: Pakbet Bagnet, top: Chicken Binakol, bottom: Kalderetang Baka 
Pakbet Bagnet- P 530
Chicken Binakol- P 480
Kalderetang Baka- P 480
and take note 'NO RICE' :p

l-r: Gin, Me, Papa, Mama & Tita Luchi

The next day, we had our complimentary set breakfast also in Cafe Marivent. Choices of set breakfast were Tapsilog, Longsilog, Tacilog & Bangusilog. All comes with a piece of fruit, coffee & juice.

My complimentary set breakfast- Bangusilog
Good morning!!! :)
We opted to have our second lunch at La Bella Teodoro and because it's a bit hot we had to ride a golf cart to be able to go there.

La Bella Teodoro is located at Casa Binan which is the farthest Casa in the place. They serve Italian cuisine and they bake their own dough in their built in pugon :)

La Bella Teodoro

Their pugon
 We ordered the following (goodbye Paleo)...

Top left: Quattro Formaggi, Top right: Calamari Fritti, Bottom: Insalata Greca

Quattro Formaggi, pizza with four Italian cheeses - P 390
Calamari Fritti, deep fried calamari served with spicy dip- P 320
Insalata Greca, Lettuce salad topped with feta cheese, and sun dried tomatoes- P 325

happy lunch :)
We had an exceptional dining experience in their restaurants. All their wait staffs were helpful, polite & speedy. Thank you Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar for the wonderful experience!

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