Saturday, November 17, 2012

I fell in love with Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar the moment my feet stepped on the old fashioned brick floor. The sights were extremely fascinating and the heritage resort was very well planned. So for everybody's convenience I made my own list on what to do in Las Casas.

top: sunset in Las Casas; l: Tres Maria Claras; mid right: batis inspired pool; bottom right: kalesa ride

1. Heritage Tour
It's 40 min to 1 hour walking tour around the vicinity of Las Casas where the tour guide in Filipiniana costume showcases different houses and it's history. 

Casa Mexico with tour guide Elvie

Casa Luna showcases a museum of antique collection of art works, memorabilia, appliances & furniture
upper left: antique electric fan, upper right: dining area, lower left: living room, lower right: antique radio
trying out an antique clothes iron
how they poops in the past 

2. Ride the Kalesa
Kalesa ride for P50 each with a maximum capacity of 6 pax. The kalesa tours you around the area. It's a relaxing way of checking out the heritage structures especially if it's scorching hot.
Kalesa ride's starting point

Kutsero with his passengers

3. Swim at the Pool
Enjoy dipping in a batis-inspired pool that is exclusively for guests who avails an overnight stay. Sayang, we forgot to bring swimsuits that's why we didn't get to swim.
batis-inspired pool

4. Swim at the Beach
Everyone is welcome to swim at the beach once you paid the corresponding entrance fee.
Serene ocean

the view opposite the beach 

5. Witness the picturesque sunset
I fell in love with the view of the sunset :) It's a must-see attraction when you're in Las Casas.

an overwhelming view <3

6. Model as Old Filipino Locals at Fotographia de Escolta
When me & my family went to Shanghai, we were really amused of our Old China Pictorial and hoped that we can create something like that in our country. So when I learned that Las Casas has that same gimmick to tourists, we entertained the thought & became heritage models for an hour.

Models of the past :)

We paid P1,200.00 for 5 pax. It's inclusion- rental of traditional costumes & accessories for each person & 2 5R printed photos of your choice with solo shots in 2 different locations each & group shots in 4 different locations. Naaliw ata samin si kuya Jinggoy (photographer) kaya ang dami namin kuha. :)

If you want additional printing you need to pay a fee of P200 per set - 4 pcs of 4R photos each set.


7. Kayak & Fishing
We didn't get to try this one but I hope we'll do it the next time we visit :)

8. Buy antiques, breads & pasalubong or have a traditional Filipino Spa
If you are an antique collector, you can check out Antiquedades for rare finds.

The La Panaderia sells different Pinoy breads like pandesal, spanish bread, monay, pan de coco & pan de regla that are baked in a pugon oven in Las Casas bakery. They also sell Bataan delicacies perfect for pasalubongs.

Tres Marias at La Panaderia
Or try out their Spa if you get tired with all the walking.

9. Dine at their restaurants

They have two restaurants, one is Cafe Marivent in Casa Unison  which serves Filipino cuisine and the other one is La Bella Teodoro in Casa Binan which serves Italian cuisine.

Cafe Marivent
I will have a separate post for this, kindly check out - Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar- Where to Eat

10. Spend the night or so at their Casas & rooms in Paseo de Escolta

For those who are interested in an overnight stay, one can either rent a heritage house or a room in Paseo de Escolta.

Casa Meycauyan 
Executive suite in Paseo de Escolta
Check out my related post for more information about accommodation- Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar- Where to Stay

Other activities they offer are...
Salon de Juego or game room- play games of the olden times like sungka, chess, dama, domino or chinese checkers 
Kite flying- learn to make & fly your own kite  with the help of their Activity Coordinator
Watch the cultural show during weekends- be serenaded as the Village Choir sings classic Kundiman songs & be entertained by their cultural dancers performing national dance, Tinikling and other regional dances
Island hop, fishing, horse-back riding & chicken feeding

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