Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Mama was raised in Balanga City, Bataan so ever since, Bataan has always been very close to my heart. I consider it my second hometown- from the moment of my consciousness until now, my family & I go here every vacation for at least once a year. So while browsing thru my blog it's upsetting to realize that I haven't shared any accounts of Bataan considering that this province is the most frequent place I've been to. Luckily I was given a time off from work, so I opted to spend my vacation in my second home.

I was really eager to visit Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan. 

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is a 30+ hectare resort managed by Thunderbird hotels that boast on Filipino heritage and traditional architecture of authentic noble class mansions, bahay na bato & wooden houses on stilt that were once decaying and fading then & transferred and transformed to a picturesque community of nostalgia and wonder, romance and appreciation of simple living at its best.

painting the town RED :)
I've read & saw pictures of this place on the internet that awed & intrigued me so I forced my relatives to visit Las Casas. Coincidentally my Tito Junn was really close to the owner of Las Casas, Mr. Gerry Acuzar, who was raised in Balanga and knew our family - Teopengco clan- very well and believe it or not while we were at my lolo's musoleo, the Acuzar's musoleo was right next to ours and surprisingly 'Tito' Gerry was there- ang tagal tagal ko nang bumibisita sa puntod, ngayon ko lang nalaman that our musoleo was right next to probably the richest man in Bataan. So I grabbed the opportunity to introduce myself personally with the help of Tito Junn. 

Mr. Gerry Acuzar is the president of San Jose Builders Inc. - he was raised in San Jose Balanga, Bataan thus the name. It's a quality real estate condominiums & townhouses which includes Victoria condominium in Quezon City, Makati & Manila & townhouses around Metro Manila. He is one of the few wealthy men that started from scratch, he came from a poor family, my tito remembers that he even sells ice buko when he was young and because of his perseverance & dedication from work plus his parents as inspiration fate became really good to him.

It was such an honor to have met someone who's so affluent but very humble at the same time. He didn't only give us a discount but even invited us on what he called 'a small salo-salo' when we were at Las Casas

Teopengcos with Tito Gerry in blue gray top in the middle

Tito Gerry with San Jose friends
So this 2- day vacation was one of my most memorable this year - not only because Tito Gerry was kind but because the place was just AWESOME!

stone bridge
kalesa ride
l-r: Tita Luchi, Maricor, RV, Tito Lando, Tita Lolit, Mama, Papa, Me & Gin
I really can't have just one post about this amazing place- there's a lot to share! So feel free to browse on my other entries about Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar :)

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