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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

There are a lot of restaurants in Tomas Morato but one of my most favorite is the one along Scout Rallos, RUB Ribs & Bbq. 

Rub Ribs & Bbq is a small homey restaurant that serves one of the best tasting and affordable ribs.

One of the reasons why Rub decided to serve ribs to customers is because it’s not the common type of food served in the market, they want to give the customers something that they would often crave – comfort food that is affordable and delectable at the same time.

order at the cashier
Rub opened it's first branch in Scout Rallos last March 2011. I witness their growth, I first came to this place last year, it was still new so only a few customers were there. But because of the word-of-mouth on the food they serve it became really famous to the people in QC. It's second branch opened in Kapitolyo last October 2011.

waiting to be seated: IA, April 'GF' and Mike 'BF'

Parking is a slight hassle, most of the time when me & Mike want to eat here walang parking kaya nauuwi kami sa ibang restaurant. :(

The place is tiny with lots of framed photos of famous people with their quote written on their picture.

My usual order is a house of blended iced tea for P110

and of course Raki's BBQ Ribs
Mike's plate- 1 order of Singles for P205- Ribs + 1 Side + Plain Rice (or you can upgrade it to another siding). For the sidings, Mike ordered bacon & potato salad & roasted garlic mashed potato

Ribs in singles with roasted garlic mashed potato and bacon & potato salad
Girls Plate- 1 order of Family Brunch P685- Ribs that serves 4 + 3 Sides. For the sidings we ordered Sprice (Spiced Fried Rice- not spicy), buttered veggies & roasted garlic mashed potato.

Family Ribs with 3 sidings
Aside from ribs, other specialties are the rub beef, grilled fish, fish and chips and buffalo chicken wings. 

happy tummies- Marcus, April, IA, Mike, Me & Isay
Here's their menu

I always recommend this place to my friends and family who are new in the area and they always end up with a happy tummy! :) 

Rub QC 
64 Scout Rallos QC
622 6352

Rub Kapitolyo

88 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
624 6850

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for deliveries visit 
or call 2121212

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