First Timers in CDO & BUKIDNON

Saturday, October 06, 2012

I've never been to Cagayan De Oro and Bukindon so you can just imagine my delight when our team - MasterChef team will shoot there for an episode. 

Pineapple field in Del Monte Plantation, Manolo Fortich
Bukidnon is a province in Mindanao which is dubbed as The Fruit Basket of the Philippines or The Land of PineapplesCagayan de Oro or CDO on the other hand is the provincial capital of the province of Misamis Oriental. It is nicknamed the City of Golden Friendship.

I wanted to go to CDO mainly for White Water Rafting- it's in my Travel Wishlist! Sadly we only had two days to spend there (to ocular & shoot). But what the heck, even if we're working it's still considered traveling right? Choosy pa ba ko eh I get to go there for FREE- free plane ticket, free service, free food & free accommodation- oh well, the perks of working on TV :p HAPPINESS! I was also happy for one of my staff, Beck for it was his FIRST EVER AIRPLANE RIDE - we called him boy perstaym the whole time we were there. 

Mr Boy Perstaym, BECK!

When we arrived at CDO, we had breakfast at Dynasty Court Hotel.
l-r: April, Marcus, Beck, Molly, Aol, Me & Zeph

Our team was divided into two- Team CDO and Team Bukindon, I was part of Team Bukidnon. So after our hearty brekky went straight to Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Manolo Fortich is located at the northern part of the province of Bukindon and is approximately less than an hour away from the commercial center of Cagayan de Oro. Manolo Fortich is a quiet & simple town where locals are mostly friendly & accommodating. The weather is just right -not too hot & not too cold. But according to the locals it gets really cold during Christmas season- More like the weather in Tagaytay. Bet ko dito hindi ako mangingitim masyado :) So upon arrival, we checked our bags in at Montegelo Farms or Obrero Place

The gate of the 11 hectare resort/farm
Montegelo Farm is a relaxing resort were they accommodate events like weddings, birthdays, retreats. Check out my post - Retreat in Monitegelo Farm for more details about this place.

We spent the morning doing ocular for our next day's shoot.

1) Montigelo Farm
Aside from a retreat house & function hall, they have a mini pineapple farm, their pineapples are amazingly juicy & delish! :)
mini pineapple farm

They also have a man made falls for a tranquil atmosphere
Team Bukidnon/Team Executive: Direk Molly, Aol, Joanna, Beck & Me

2) Menzi Residences
The viewdeck of this place was perfect for establishing shots :)

Team Executive

Joanna, Me & Boy Perstaym

3) Del Monte Plantation
Direk's choice of location, the place was PERFECT for our shoot! The Del Monte supervisor, Kuya Ronald was very very kind in assisting all our needs and concerns. Kaya no wonder our shoot the next day came out very organized and with no aberya.

pineapples everywhere!!!

Pineapple treat for us from our dear friends in Del Monte. Thanks again kuya Ronald and your gang! :)

The very sweet Kuya Rene preparing bite sized pineapple chunks :) 
Walking distance from our location was their famous Del Monte Restaurant called The Bungalow- where we ordered our lunch during our shoot the next day.

The Bungalow
Deepest thank you to the Mayor of Manolo Fortich, Mayor Rogelio N. Quiño! :)

I apologize for not posting pictures of our shoot, I don't want to pre-empt the show, so I suggest you to watch out for MasterChef Pinoy Edition soon on ABS-CBN!

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