XOCOLAT, Perfect Sunday!

Friday, September 07, 2012

DISCLAIMER: Upcoming posts will be about what Mike calls 'September 2 Remember', my month-long birthday celebration special  (pagbigyan nyo na 'ko, Birthday ko naman :p)

Septemer 2 Remember Part 3

Mike was telling me about this eclectic & homey restaurant in Katipunan that serves all sorts of Chocolate dishes - desserts, drinks & even entrees. 

According to the birthday girl :p

Xocolat is a house turned restaurant that is famous for their hot chocolate. They intend to revolutionize the café culture in this country by offering chocolate drinks instead of coffee. So since I'm not a coffee lover, this place is right for me.

The moment we entered, we saw a lot of students, some were drawn to their laptops while others were chit chatting with fellow friends; This place certainly looked like the students' second home (I suddenly miss college). The place was cozy which I love. After ordering at the counter, we were given good seats (almost all the tables were occupied, luckily there was a nice spot at the corner) 

I really want to order a healthy meal so I chose Cream Dory (P185) - it's grilled fillet of fish seasoned with 5 spices paired with a basil cream sauce. It's their best seller daw and it did not disappoint. I loved it especially when I paired it with the cream sauce & mashed potato sidings.

Cream Dory P185

Mike ordered their specialty pasta Xocolat Chicken Pasta (P195) - Cocoa rubbed chicken strips tossed in a light cream sauce topped with chocolate shavings. The taste was something new, it was a bit bitter because of the cocoa but if you're not a fan of cream sauce then this dish may not be for you.

Xocolat Chicken Past P195

Mike was raving about their dessert, Frozen Hot Xoco (P165) but sadly it was not available (oh well maybe some other time) so we opted to order Fondue for two (P185) variety of fruits and mallows. I love the way it was presented but what I loved the most was the thick & creamy chocolate sauce.

We were about end our lovely dinner but we were curious on how their chocolate drinks were served - seeing the students order it from a bulky cylindrical glass made us want to order the same thing (mga inggitero) so we ordered their Xoco Lava (P145) - an old fashioned malt blended with vanilla ice cream. Yum yum!

Xoco Lava P145
We will go back to this place mainly because of the ambience, I missed out the Spicy Tuyo (P175) on their menu so I will definitely try it next time.

Happy that my Sunday Birthday ended so well! A Perfect Sunday indeed! According to the birthday girl :p

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