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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SAD. I haven't updated my blog for more than a week already as I have been busy with work. MasterChef: Pinoy Edition will finally air! (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to reveal the date but will do soon)

Despite the busy week, I have allotted my very short free time to write about... MY NEW HEADER!!! Huraaaah!!! Same text but different image- a walking/traveling CHAM :) Naks! Kamukha ko diba? I'm so proud that this image was sketched by my MAMA! :)

sketched by Mama, colored by me using Photoshop

I'm grateful for having a mom as talented as her. She's a retired interior designer and prefers to draw for leisure, aside from drawing she loves to cook, garden, read the bible & is now crazy over paleo diet  (visit her blog chopchatnchomp.blogspot.com). My kuya & mama are artists, ako maarte lang :) 

She also helped me decorate my room when I moved to QC early this year. A chandelier & ze Eiffel Tower silhouettes

painted above my bed's headboard

 Paris, my dream destination (oh la la!)

Ze door of my walk-in closet

Galing nya no? Not bad for a 58-year-old Momma, thanks Ma, I love you! :) 

If you want to render my Mom's services you can contact her through - (02) 809-1131 or message her in her blog- chopchatnchomp.blogspot.com. She'll be very glad to accommodate your request :)

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  1. Wow galing ni Mama!!! Hehe amazing!!! Showed all of this to Erich haha cute and talented daw ni Mama ever. :P

    1. Thanks,Gin and Erich:)

      Thanks so much, Charmaine, but I'm not yet 58 yrs.old, this coming January pa hehe:D

  2. You changed the background and the header! This is better, I like it:) and the plane is flying upward this time lol :D

  3. Yup!!! :) Thanks Mama!!!! :) love you!!! <3


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